Report: Dodgers Emerge as the “Leading Contender” for Manny Machado


The buzz late last night was that the Phillies, in light of reports that they were willing to include Adonis Medina in a deal for Manny Machado, were emerging as the favorite to land the Orioles superstar third baseman.

Not so fast, says Jon Heyman of FanCred sports:

But nine minutes later, Heyman seemed to back off a bit:

Gut. Punch.

Two things here:

1) The Dodgers are red-hot right now. On the morning of May 16, they were 10 games under .500 at 16-26. Since then, they have rattled off 37 wins in their last 54 games to reclaim the lead in the National League West. If they do in fact add Machado, they become a heavy favorite to win the National League.

2) If the Phillies miss out on Machado, it’s going to feel like a major letdown. Los Angeles edges out Philly for a major superstar. Where have I heard that one before?
Still, it was only three weeks ago that the Phillies were viewed as a long shot for Machado’s services this season, but over the last week with several prominent national baseball writers linking him to Philadelphia, it felt like the hype was real. Still, the Phillies are a team with several holes that can be addressed in separate, more conservative deals that may not require them to part ways with several of their top prospects. Those deals could still put them on the path to their first postseason appearance since the 2011 season.

But nobody wants to hear that right now, and I completely get it.

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18 Responses

  1. The only thing better than watching Phillies fans cry over Machado is hearing all of the liberals soiling their diapers over President Trump.

  2. I knew the Phils didn’t have the balls to close the deal . A real organization & stone cold idiot magic “hiv” Johnson going to screw Philly once again get

  3. 100% leverage leak. why would Baltimore just sit back and let this die on July 17? Get a trade war going between two teams that want him to milk it for all it’s worth.

  4. The Angels are a dumpster fire pitching wise, save your trade bullets for next year and go all in on Machado in free agency.

  5. Am I the only one who thinks trading a bunch of prospects for a 3 month rental is stupid? Do you honestly think the Phillies win the WS this year with him? The guy openly wants to be in NY which is gross.

  6. Called both morning shows, both midday shows and both drive time shows and said starting with this Phils team there will be a total of 4 championships by June 2019.

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