Report: Manny Machado Remains Phillies’ Top Target


Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.

“They,” in this case, is Jon Heyman, who reports the Phillies, despite recent rumblings that the team had moved its attention elsewhere, are still targeting Orioles third baseman Manny Machado:

It would seem that the scout in attendance was Charley Kerfeld:

I keep telling myself that there’s no way the Phillies go all in and make a play for Machado. The sheer number of teams interested and the deal it would take to get something done just doesn’t jive with the personality of what has been a fairly conservative front office, but Heyman is typically plugged in when it comes to these matters. If he’s correct on this one, it would seem that while Kerfeld may have been in attendance to check out the other items of Baltimore’s impending fire sale, the main purpose of the trip was in fact to further evaluate Machado.

Could the Phillies use Machado’s .309/.379/.555 slashline in the middle of the lineup? Hell yeah. Again – and this is nothing new – the Phillies have to decide if going for broke by utilizing their vast minor league resources in exchange for two months of Machado is the best way forward.

It would be nearly impossible not to get fired up over the acquisition of a bona fide superstar, but this team still needs to patch several holes, even if they get a deal done.

Stay tuned.

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6 Responses

  1. The amount of nothing burger articles that have been posted since the Lesean serial screwer upper article is mind boggling

  2. Yeah, this is much better than getting a pitcher…which is what they would need to go deep into the

  3. As much of a Phillies Phan, lol as I am it would be VERY HARD to pull the triggeron a rental. EVEN of Manny Machado’s stature. He is clearly the top of the food chain in reference to available trades. If and that’s a BIG IF he signed an extension then a conversation would be had. Manny would definitely propel the Phillies to the playoffs and most likely the world series. Fingers crossed people.

  4. All this talk about him being a bad shortstop is true, but he’s still going to be paid a ton by some team to play shortstop. I wouldn’t do the deal for him . We need to stop acting like poor defense factors at all into his value. As long as he hits, there will be teams who let him play any position he wants.

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