Report: Sixers Wanted Daryl Morey to Replace Bryan Colangelo

Photo Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Slow news day until this popped about 25 minutes ago:

Yeah, well, who wouldn’t want the NBA’s reigning Executive of the Year to run their team?

You’re probably familiar with Morey as the guy whom Sam Hinkie worked with before coming to Philadelphia. Both are known for being progressive, analytics-based player-personnel executives, to put it mildly.

Morey built a 65-win Rockets team that was a Chris Paul hamstring injury away from an NBA title this season, so I’m not sure why he’d jump ship to Philadelphia right now. Of course, if the Sixers wanted someone in Morey’s mold, they could simply re-approach Hinkie. That would go over very well with half of the fan base while being blasted into oblivion by the other half.

The Sixers have been without a general manager since parting with Bryan Colangelo on June 7th.


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  1. 1) opening statement with a lame attempt at humor
    2) cut and paste of something somebody said somewhere on twitter
    3) confirmation that kinker has neither sources nor access and spent the day in his pajama pants and likely did not brush his teeth
    4) conclude with a humble brag
    5) wash, rinse, repeat

    kinker’s posts are as predictable as the clock hitting 12 twice daily. Can’t wait for Kinker and Kyle to try and rationalize why they don’t want/need Eagles credentials when camp opens in a few weeks and we get more of kinker’s twitter summaries from a great distance far away from Novacare. Keep up the good work, kinky. any chance nbc10 might take you back?

    1. He’s knuckles-deep on a self-given prostate massage bc World Cup highlights are still on. Viva La futbol and Viva La Stink on the pink(y)!!

      1. oh those are very solid. I like anything step-mom related or in public. I bet kinker is into black girls

        1. Yes on stepmom! As in when the step daughter finds the step mom’s toy, and the step mom walks in on the step-daughter using the toy, and she acts angry at first, but then she says to the stepdaughter “alright well I guess I better show you how to use that thing”. Then chaos ensues

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