Reports: Sixers Acquire Wilson Chandler

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The Sixers have gone from star hunting to contract absorbing.

Per Woj:

Denver needed to shed salary badly.

More on the deal:

I mean, no, it’s not what everyone was hoping for this offseason, but if Plan B is to run it back with a 52-win team and absorb Chandler as a bench piece to replace Marco Belinelli, then that’s not the worst thing in the world.

He can still shoot a bit, a 31 year old who put up 10, 5, and 2 while starting 71 games for a 46-win Denver team last season. Defensively, he’ll give you switchability, which I don’t think is a word, from 2-4. Chandler can also be flipped right away since he was acquired with room, so cue the Kawhi rumors conspiracy theories.

The worst case scenario is you get a year of bench scoring and then figure out if you want to keep Chandler around moving forward. He’s a good wing, and the Sixers needed another one badly.

Here’s his career chart. Feels like he’s played 15 years in Denver, doesn’t it? –


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  1. We r ok w/ this? With that argument I would have taken Tyreke Evans instead at the same price. He only signed a 1 year deal. Frankly hes a better player than Reddick

  2. This is much better than getting LJ and KL.
    I like this move.
    I see multiple championships in the next 5 years.
    not for the sixers though

  3. Before his demise, Colangelo did suggest that the Sixers could easily stand pat and set up for 2019. Isn’t that Klay Thompson’s year?

    1. yes Klay will be a free agent. Also there are rumors of Durant wanting to opt out of year 2 of his deal if the Warriors win it again this year. The rumor is that Durant wants to come back east (he grew up just outside DC) and become the focal point of a team. It’s been a poorly kept secret that the Knicks are pretty much going to campaign all year for him to come there. Also, Jimmy Butler and Kyrie Irving are expected to opt out of their deals next year and join up on a team in the East and the rumor has been that Kyrie wants to play in New York City. Kemba Walker and Tobias Harris will be other players who could command big money on the market next year

    1. it doesn’t and idk why people are bringing it up in relation to a Kawhi trade. Chandler wouldn’t be a guy San Antonio would want since he’s older and he’s a free agent after this season. SA wants Dario or Cov or both and picks. They would want those players because they are young and under team control for cheap with a few years left on their deal. Unless Kawhi agrees to an extension or at least publicly acknowledges he’s open to an extension, then the Spurs have zero leverage in a trade and it should only cost a player and pick to acquire him.

      1. Chandlers contract lets the Sixers keep Covington, Spurs are too interested in him anyway. Chandlers expiring contract, Saric, Fultz and the Heat first round pic.

        Also Kawhi lost interest in LA once Lebron signed on.

        1. The sixers would be complete morons to give all that up with out Kawhi agreeing to an extension here

        1. Im not the one thats making the trade, im just telling you whats going to happen.

  4. They badly needed someone to provide depth at the wing/forward. Outside of Bolden who is a rookie and Richaun who stinks they have nobody who can relieve Dario and Cov beside maybe Justin Anderson. They also still need a back-up Center which i guess they are banking on Kyle O’Quinn with the MLE and that should put a wrap on this underwhelming yet decent offseason. They didn’t land a star, but they didn’t completely fuck themselves over either with bad contracts.

      1. Nobody’s trading with anybody! This ain’t a goddamn fucking city council meeting!

  5. Complainers, complainers. If Philly got LeBron and Kawh I they would complain they didn’t get Durant, too. If they got Kawhi, and he was damaged goods or moved in to the Clippers next year, they would complain.

    Next year Kyrie could be out, and the Sixers alone in the East.

  6. They need people to defend Boston’s wing players. That is the most important thing Chandler brings.

    Someone in our overmatched media may eventually point this out.

  7. Wgaf……nba next season will blow now that boogie went to the warriors

  8. I have a f*ckin club foot and I’m gonna use it. Also I’m racist and a closest queer so fist if ya got em!

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