Scott Kingery Hung Out With Rhys Hoskins’ Dog During the Derby Last Night


Earlier this season, Rhys Hoskins introduced us to his lovable dog named Rookie:

Unfortunately for Rookie, Hoskins was busy last night impressively mashing 37 bombs over two rounds at the Home Run Derby, so someone had to look after the little guy. Enter teammate/shortstop/third baseman/outfielder/dog-sitter Scott Kingery, who hung with Rookie while Hoskins went to work.

Apparently, Rookie wasn’t impressed with the competition:

But he was quite impressed with his guy’s 20 second round homers:

That’s…pretty damn adorable.

If Hoskins participates again next year, perhaps Major League Baseball will consider switching over to tennis balls for the Derby, so Rookie can chase them down in the outfield.


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    1. Thanks Jim…glad you’re doing well at the new job. Also heard you dropped that 3 pack a day habit! you got it all going

      1. Hey Jim ! I miss you… remember when I jacked you off the night before my wedding? I still beat off to your big dick.

  1. It took almost a year for the barbecue juice to stain his tie and shirt.

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