$1 Million in Fake Super Bowl Rings Seized in Philly

Saw this on my Twitter feed via Eyewitness News assignment desk guru Sam Gardner:

FOX 29 also had the report.

I’m told authorities knew the rings were fake because they said “Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Champions” on them.



Actually that’s not true, just a joke I came up with.

But if you zoom in on the picture you can pick out a variety of teams – Pats, Broncos, Ravens, no Browns though. There are a few that look like they don’t even have a team on them, just a picture of the Lombardi Trophy.

Not sure about you, but I only wear real jewelry like Cartier and Harry Winston.



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        1. feels like it. think it’s just a sinus infection though. who gets a sinus infection in July?

  1. “Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Champions” this made me lol. You write your own material?

    1. CHIP is the main reason for eagles super bowl win
      #1 lighting a fire under howies a$$, no way howie wouldve made those moves without chip putting him in the closet.
      #2 drafting lane johnson who throws d lineman around like scrap metal, zach ertz ( you dont win that game without ertz), jaylen watkins, beau allen, agholor, ERIC ROWE, jordan hicks
      #3 chip started the whole “RPO” thing in case you forgot

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