Taryn Hatcher Signs Off “Hawaii Now” Before Making Cross Continent Journey Into Your Hearts

New NBC Sports Philly roving reporter Taryn Hatcher signed off her Hawaiian TV station last night (or today, I’m bad at timezones). She’ll be headed back home to Philly.

Caution: There’s a lot of Hawaii in this video:

Also, can we talk about this blockhead and his clap at 1:10?

+262 Taryn doesn’t make it back here and winds up in this guy’s freezer cut into 1,000 slices, each arranged in a way so as to position her as she was in his favorite outtake:

Hot flash no more, my little peanut butter cup. Hot flash no more.

Oh well, this is Taryn Hatcher. Can’t wait to meet her. If we get to meet her.

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16 Responses

  1. Between the time she signed off and the time she arrives, AMY FADOOL KANE will have made 239 on-air mistakes

    AFK continues to be the biggest frauds in broadcasting history.

    You know
    You know
    You know
    You know
    You know

    1. The secret is marry your producer, then you can scarf down that postgame C&P buffet without remorse while you watch your colleagues get fired one by one.

  2. You go from covering a college football team ranked around 120 and doing surfing reports to a top 5 market covering the World Champions. How does that work.

  3. Damn – Molly Sullivan never had a chance. They wanted to bring in some hot ass to replace her and they did! Woo!!!!

  4. Huge upgrade over molly . Hope she befriends Kristen Rogers & hit the town up while Instagram living. Something I’d love to jo tooooooo


      get me outta this suit……I got some blow to do!

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