Temple Has Some Sweet New Football Uniforms

Temple football is more relevant these days due to a pair of 10-4 seasons that saw the once-poor program qualify for a couple of bowl games and host College Gameday on Independence Mall.

Even with Matt Rhule taking off for Baylor, the Owls finished above .500 last season, won a bowl game, and remain a legitimate college football presence in a pro sports town. With Geoff Collins’ second season getting underway in September, Temple has some new uniforms for 2018.

Videos and pictures after the jump:


Along with the cherry red, white, and black unis, the Owls added a brand new set of grey jerseys and pants:

In addition, the facemasks can be swapped out for different combinations.

Temple opens up the season at home against Villanova on September 1.

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    1. What a value! I don’t know why I’d read any other site?!

      Any upcoming live podcasts that nobody attends? Remember when Kyle tried to sell tickets to the live podcast ? Haha. From tickets to “crickets” in less than 3 months.

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