Worth The Wait: The Phillies Are Back In First Place


Hey there. Here’s what you need to do. Stand up. Give your feet a solid base, say, I don’t know, just slightly beyond shoulder width apart. Be in an athletic stance. Not too much weight on the heels, not too much on the toes. Be firm. Dig in. Did you dig in? Yes?


Now, I want you to swing your hips side to side. Gyrate. Get into a good rhythm. Let, uh, yourself swing side to side. Yeah…back and forth…back and forth, like church bells ringing in a glorious new dawn.

Ding. Dong. Ding. Dong.

Do this because the Phillies are in first place.

In the longest nine inning game in PNC Park, Pirates, and Phillies history, your NL East leaders outlasted the Pittsburgh Pirates by the final score of 17-5 tonight. The Phillies, by the way, began playing baseball in 1883. The four-and-a-half-hour contest was well worth the wait as they moved back into first place for the first time since May 26.

Scott Kingery led the way with his first career four-hit game, while Rhys Hoskins and Cesar Hernandez each added three knocks. The Phillies saw 236 pitches and worked 10 walks on their way to compiling their second-highest run total of the season.

Jake Arrieta takes the hill tomorrow looking to give his team sole possession of first place in the division by grabbing his first win since May 29. First pitch is at 4:05.

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39 Responses

  1. Bob called it… this year the Phillies willl set a record low attendance total since CBP opened.

  2. “In the longest game in PNC Park, Pirates, and Phillies history,..”

    *9 inning game

  3. Phils are winning despite Gabe Kapler. Guy isn’t philly & I don’t trust him

    1. Devon went off on the guy at the start of his show. Does anyone know what the caller said. He apparently calls the station using fake names

  4. They also have a chance to have best record in NL with 15 easy games left against Mets who will probably sell off most of their team.

  5. Looks like Gargano is coming out on top again. The latest ratings have the Cuz up big over Angelo in the morning slot. That is 2 in a row for Ant !

  6. Word is Dei “freckle tits” Lyman doubled his ratings the other day, so they may just replace him with dead air and cash in on the bigger advertising dollars that will start rolling in.

  7. Even whatever set of pissflaps replacing Angelo beats Gargano in the AM. He is a sidekick at best. Now fetch me a primo, you C00ney get it in that new Ram

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