Yes or No On a Cole Hamels Reunion?

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You’ve probably seen Cole’s name floating around out there as a possible trade piece for the 38-47 Rangers.

Jon Heyman dropped this bit today:

My gut says no, simply because it brings me back to a time when Ruben Amaro Jr. and the Phillies simply couldn’t move on from the aging stars that brought this city the 2008 World Series. I feel like we’ve advanced well beyond the point of sentimentality, and it’s not like starting pitching is the Phils’ biggest need at this point anyway.

Hamels is a club legend, 34 years old now with a base salary of $22.5 million. Cole is 4-7 with a 4.05 ERA in 17 starts with the Rangers this year and he has a 2019 club option for 20 million dollars. There also exists a no-trade clause that keeps him from being moved to a ton of other teams, as Heyman points out. Texas is last place in the AL West and would want to move Hamels by the July 31st deadline, so the Phils would likely not have to give up much to bring him back, but I don’t know that giving up anything for an aging lefty – even if it’s Hamels – is worth it.

What say you? Yes or no?



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  1. Yankees are going to wind up with either Hamels or JA Happ

  2. Yes. Young pitching staff needs a solid mentor, and Arrieta is clearly not the guy to do it, with his bitching and not backing it up. Bring in a guy who would clearly love to be here, have a positive attitude, and still be a workhorse, though not on only three days’ rest.

  3. He might be a good 4th starter at this point….If you can get him at a reasonable price and not give up prospects.
    Trade some of the phillies slop that is hitting below .200
    His stats are way down the past couple of years….injuries and whatnot.

  4. Funny how 7/8 of the Phils starting position players were acquired or drafted by Amaro. Klentak has to make a move of his own.

    1. he did. he got Gabe Kapler the best coach in MLB!

  5. Eflin, Pivetta, Velasquez and whoever else is not named Nola or Arietta will melt down the stretch. Fool’s gold. Hamels has pitched in the biggest situations and would easily be the No. 3. He still has a lot left but is on a garbage Rangers team that is about to blow up into a rebuild.

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