Reports: Aaron Rodgers is about to become the highest paid player in the National Football League.

It’s a nice chunk of change:

Four years, $134 million. Crazy, but absolutely deserved.

The Philly angle is that this further shapes the top-end quarterback market, which Carson Wentz will be entering when he finishes up his rookie deal after next season.

Per Spotrac, here’s the top eight highest yearly earners among NFL QBs:


Rodgers will jump Matt Ryan to take the top spot. Ryan is getting almost $100m guaranteed in that deal. San Fran and Minnesota went for broke with Garoppolo and Cousins and Stafford and Carr signed big contracts that will take them through 2022. I don’t think any of those top five guys on the list are better than a healthy Wentz.

The Birds QB is signed through 2019 and the Eagles hold a 2020 option that would pay him close to $30 million, which will be the average of the top ten highest paid QBs in the league. The Eagles can sign him to a new, long-term deal after this season, which is the most likely scenario, assuming he returns to full health and performs at the same level he did last season.

If Kirk Cousins and Matt Ryan are worth 28 and 30 million dollars per year, respectively, and Aaron Rodgers tops the list at ~$34 million per, then Carson is going to warrant a new contract that pays him somewhere in that range.