Brent Celek is “Leaning Towards Retirement”

Photo Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Gotta be honest – I thought Brent did retire after leaving the Eagles organization as a Super Bowl champion.

Apparently not, though he told Jason Martinez and Harry Mayes on 97.5 The Fanatic today that he’s had some offers but is closer to retirement than jumping in with another team:

My take:

Brent should retire. Go out on top as a Super Bowl champion. Finish your career as a one-team guy. Put a bow on a fantastic run and don’t junk it up with one or two years as a backup tight end with the 49ers or Browns or Ravens or whatever.

For what it’s worth, he did put the kibosh on signing with the Cowboys, who need a tight end. Celek said he wouldn’t sign in Dallas even if they offered him ten million dollars.

He was in-studio with the pair for an entire hour today and you can listen to that here:



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  1. Honestly, I don’t get the whole ‘he should retire cause being a backup is sad’ take. I get that we want a guy to be great and finish on top, but when this is your life for a good 20-25 years, it’s gotta be excruciating to finally admit that you can no longer get it done at the highest level. If it was me, I’d probably pull a Ricky Henderson and try to play (at any level) until I’m 160.

  2. Kevin, agree with your take…..go out while on top with having played for only one team. If I could add to that…..go out while still healthy too.

  3. Kinker do you think Celek would make a good midfield player for the Steel? Thinking he could help them run a False 9.

    1. Staying up all night drinking with my bros, we’re tailgating the cuz’s Saturday morning show. We love the fellas Saturday morning show. The cuz represents philly so well on the national broadcast. Everyone loves the cuz!!

  4. I don’t want your indoctrination of patriotism forced down my throat. That seems political and as we know ‘murica just wants footbawwww!!!!

  5. I’m just happy that montco teacher is going to keep his job after kinker tried to get the guy fired for playing make believe

    1. Free speech only protects you from the government. It does not protect you from a private entity such as your employer. If it what you say and do reflects poorly upon your employer too, your employer can and probably will terminate you.

      1. of course, although thankfully this school didn’t allow itself to be bullied by a mob of people who can’t tell the difference between reality and make believe.

        1. I hear ya and I get the whole “make believe” thing. I would also agree that society has become way too PC and overly sensitive these days. Still, he has to know as a teacher he’s held to a higher standard than most working professionals and he should’ve known that such a persona would eventually bring himself controversy.

  6. Eagles need to sign Dez ASAP. He would be a great fit here. Guys a stud if his qb can hit him.


      1. Y’all see the bulge on Mike Miss today when he stood up from his chair? That guy is every bit of 9 inches.

  7. Feel like Celek paid the price for Philly drafting him too early and then never living up to the draft spot, which he should never have been drafted in.
    He good teammate but bad te

    1. He was a 5th round pick. Guess you were doing lines of some pretty good shit last night.

    1. The cuz has a huge member and shoots massive wads on supermodel’s faces. He is the hero of philly and especially south philly. The ladies love him, the men want to be him. Everyone loves the cuz!!

    1. The crackers came out in force to see those hilbillies. That was one of their biggest crowds of the year.

      1. The fans pack the stadium every time they offer a free concert with a country artist. Are there pick-up trucks in center city riding around with Cissy and Bud license plates in the rear window. Are there mechanical bulls in all the bars around Rittenhouse Square.

        1. outside of a couple guys, the country music of today is pretty bad, but i do go to some shows strictly because of the party scene/women. A lot of drunk girls in cut offs looking to have fun. The downside lately is that the big concerts like Kenny Chesney have attracted way too many frat douches who can’t handle their alcohol and decide to start fights. So i’d imagine most of the people there don’t like country music, just looking for a party.

          1. What color are you? Cause I’ll fight “you”.. all of “yous”…I mean “y’all” for calling me a frat boy douche.

  8. Game is currently pick-em. I wouldn’t bet against the Mets. deGrom is as good as Nola and Nola isn’t pitching today.

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