Cian Fahey is Back on Twitter

Remember the Irish dude with the horrendous takes who blocked half of Eagles Twitter and resigned from ESPN after five months?

That’s the guy. He does the “Pre Snap Reads” website, which hasn’t been updated since April. I was particularly fond of the Carson Wentz: Blake Bortles story and the one time he ranked Dak Prescott as the NFL’s 5th-best quarterback.

Apparently he took a social media break but resurfaced a while back with a new Patreon site, which I probably will not read.

But I just thought we’d take a few minutes on this summer Friday to revisit some of his dumbest takes of all time:

On Carson Wentz:

Nothing about Wentz’s rookie season suggested he fit Lurie’s definition of a franchise quarterback: “someone who has the physical talent, the mental leadership qualities, and mental toughness to be a consistently winning quarterback that puts you in contention to win a championship. He has to have that ‘it’ factor. The single most important trait is the mental fortitude to handle the challenges that face a young quarterback. He has to be a smart quarterback — in today’s NFL, quarterbacks have to routinely make intricate decisions in 2.5 seconds or less.”

Sure, Wentz could get better. He might actually turn into the generational talent he’s often described as, but there’s no rational reason to expect him to.

Ranking quarterbacks:

Ah yes, good stuff. I too would rank Tyrod Taylor ahead of Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott 14 spots in front of Jared Goff. Mitch Trubisky is definitely a top-10 NFL QB.

On Oregon quarterback Vernon Adams:

Adams went undrafted in 2016.

I also enjoyed his analysis of Deshaun Watson:

And I think he just nailed it here:

Also here:

Welcome back, Cian.

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    This asshole ranks QBs like old people fuck

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      So sexy like?


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