Bovada came out today with odds on the NBA MVP and the NHL’s Hart Trophy winner.

Claude Giroux and Joel Embiid at both listed, Giroux at 25/1 and Embiid given 16/1 odds.

The lists:

15/1 for last year’s winner, Taylor Hall. McDavid, the favorite, won it the year before as an NHL sophomore.

Giroux wound up 4th last season despite finishing second in the league with 102 points. McDavid finished 5th.

This was the rest of the top ten:

15/1 on MacKinnon/Hall might be worth a look at. Betting on G is good value, but if he didn’t even make the top-three after the season he just put together, I imagine he’ll probably be similarly disrespected and/or iced out next year.

For NBA MVP, Joel lands just inside the top ten and Ben Simmons is +3500:

I can’t see LeBron winning MVP on that Lakers team, not unless he performs a minor miracle out there. Harden will probably have another monster year unless Carmelo Anthony spoils the Rockets’ chemistry. Anthony Davis is a strong contender coming off a 3rd place finish in this year’s voting. Kawhi feels like a total question mark in Toronto and I’m not sold on Giannis being that high, not unless Mike Budenholzer is the second coming of John Wooden.

The Eastern Conference could either help or hurt Joel’s chances if he has a big year. He’ll get a chance to beat up on the likes of Atlanta and Brooklyn while the western teams devour each other, but maybe the voters use that against him, the fact that the east just doesn’t stack up against the west. Ben I don’t think has a shot, not unless he comes back this fall with a jump shot. He’s gonna be bogged down by that until he proves he can knock down outside shots consistently.

Still, 16/1 for Embiid to win the MVP isn’t bad value at all if you wanna put some money down.