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Normally we don’t care about someone else’s list unless it’s totally off-base, and a great example of that popped up this afternoon:


Top half looks fine. Those are five of the best teams in baseball. Beyond that, the Indians are a division leader with a .500 road record and just won four of five games. The A’s have 67 wins.

I’m not sure if the Diamondbacks are better than the Phillies, but we’ll find out over the next few days. I am, however, sure that leaving out the Phils for the Braves is ludicrous, considering that one team leads the NL East and the other does not.

At least one player finds the omission to be disrespectful:




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5 Responses

  1. This Phils team are hard to relate to with all the foreign players who don’t speak English. Reason why they aren’t drawing well at the gate. Sport is like hockey anymore.

    1. Black Jeff is right on the money for once on his post above. I tried to watch the all star game and most of the players could not speak English. Makes me sick. Steng

  2. They are tied in the loss column. Mother Nature and Ann unbalanced schedule have them in first. Read up son.

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