Doug Pederson Is Annoyed With Carson Wentz Questions

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And I don’t blame him, but I also don’t blame Eagles reporters for badgering him about it. They’re just doing their jobs.

We’re 10 days from the season opener and nobody seems to know if Carson Wentz is close to a return or not. It feels like we’re getting Nick Foles against the Falcons, simply for the fact that Wentz has not been cleared for contact and did not participate in a significant amount of 11v11 football this summer.

Anyway, there were two segments of Sunday’s press conference dealing with Wentz and his health.

The first batch:

DOUG PEDERSON: Good afternoon.

Q. As the starters start preparing for the Falcons, how are the first-team quarterback snaps going to be split? 
DOUG PEDERSON: Well, we’re not into next week, we’re into the Jets, so I’m not worried about that yet right now.

Q. The starters aren’t playing verse the Jets I assume, so are you doing any team prep –
DOUG PEDERSON: We’re still in training camp, so we’re practicing today and getting guys ready for the Jets game.

Q. Has QB Carson Wentz been cleared for contact? 
DOUG PEDERSON: He has not.

Q. What did you think from his workout before the game on Thursday? 
DOUG PEDERSON: You know what, I didn’t see it. I didn’t see it.

Q. At what point would you like to have Wentz named the starter, would it be, obviously not the day before the Falcons game – 
DOUG PEDERSON: When he’s cleared and if he gets cleared.

Q. And that could be the day before? 

Q. What are the doctors looking for at this point? What do they want to see happen in order to clear Wentz?  
DOUG PEDERSON: I’ll probably have to punt that question to the doctors.

Second batch:

Q. The concept of Wentz being cleared, does he get examined regularly and the doctors are like, ‘He’s not ready,’ or is there a date between now and the opener where he’ll go in and they’ll look at him? What’s that process like? 
DOUG PEDERSON: I don’t know how many times I can answer this question. When they clear him, he’ll be cleared.

Q. But you have to have some idea of when that might be scheduled – 
DOUG PEDERSON: I’m not going to put myself in a box, I’m not going to put my quarterback in a box. I’m not going to do that. I’m not going to go out on a limb and I’m not going to say that. Either ask it a different way or otherwise I’m — you’re going to get the same answer.

Q. I think his question was just is it a weekly thing that he gets looked at? 
DOUG PEDERSON: He’s getting evaluated every day if that’s what you want.

Q. That’s what I’m asking. 
DOUG PEDERSON: He’s part of the rehab process. He’s getting evaluated at practice. He’s getting evaluated by the medical treatment. He’s getting treatment just like Jason Peters is, just like Darren Sproles is. You guys don’t ask me about those guys, Jordan Hicks, Chris Maragos. Those guys are in the same boat, and they’re getting evaluated every day.

I mean, I don’t think any of those questions are unreasonable, just not sure what we’re expecting from Pederson at this point.

It’s the same thing with Brett Brown; the head coach is thrown in front of the media to answer medical questions while the doctors don’t have any obligation to explain to the press (or the fans) what the deal is. I don’t know whether that makes sense or not – putting medical experts out there – or if it’s a slippery slope that leads to more questions than answers. Doctors aren’t trained in public relations (at least I don’t think so) and then you get into weird territory with a player’s private medical information. And if you give a concrete timeline for return, you’re inevitably going to piss off a lot of people when the player doesn’t meet that deadline.

Here’s the video from that second portion. Little bit of frustration from Doug but I don’t see him as the type to blow a gasket and pull a Mike Gundy (I’m a man I’m 40) or Dan Hawkins (go play intramurals brotha) –


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  1. Eagle's fans are beginning to annoy me with their constantly reminding everyone their team won the super bowl says:

    With so many guys on offense being out with injuries during training camp and the pre-seaeon, I foresee the Eagles struggling big-time to start the season therefore my score for the Eagle/Falcons game is Falcons 27 , and the Eagles 16.

      1. you’re 19 and you haven’t figured it out this ‘east coast thing’ yet?
        get your shit together.

        The FURTHER north you go up the coast, the shittier the traffic and
        the shitter the fans. Figure out the rest on your own when you finish high school.

    1. 41-33
      If you were to get punched in the forehead and the puncher
      was wearing a SBII championship ring, then you wouldn’t
      have this problem would you?

  2. I call to talk Eagles football but if you check out my Facebook and IG accounts I’m an avid Steelers fan… Mikey Miss’s fanook callers

  3. No the questions are not unreasonable, I agree, but you are a reporter. From my viewpoint, there are far too many questions asking about the same topic. Are 4 or 5 questions about Wentz and his progress for playing against the Falcons enough, or should there be 80 questions. After a while I’m sure Pederson is getting tired of the same song and dance. As a fan, I sure would like to know of his progress, but geez, beat the dead horse will ya!!

  4. I really can’t blame the coach…it’s just a bunch of a$$hole reporters trying to validate their crappy website for which about 12 people subscribe. seriously, in the overall scheme of things, what does it really matter when wentz is going to be ready or not ready? turn on the game on 9/6 and you will see who is playing behind center, then you will know.

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