Let’s Take A Look at Available Tickets for the Eagles’ Opening Game

This post is brought to you by our friends at TicketiQ.

The Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles are a month away from the regular season opener of their title defense. Why not let TicketiQ get you into an Eagles home game this season? There’s no way to sugarcoat this: Eagles tickets are in high demand, resulting in the most expensive average ticket prices for Eagles games at the Linc since 2011, and the second-highest average price in the entire league.

We’ve been partnered for quite some time with TicketiQ, the best secondary ticket vendor on the market. With their “Low Price Guarantee”, they’re confident that they can offer you the best tickets at the lowest price.

Want to get into the home opener against the Falcons? To the map!

The lowest priced tickets for the home opener can be found in Section 216 Row 20 for two seats at $328 apiece. If you’re looking for some options for four seats, you could sit in Section 229 Row 12, Section 226 Row 26, Section 205 Row 24, or Section 204 Row 20 for $350 each.

There’s only one game with tickets for less than $100, and that’s a December 23rd clash with the Houston Texans:

There is a plethora of Standing Room Only tickets available for $86-$107 each. If you’re looking for an actual seat for the game, you and a friend could sit in Section 234 Row 24 or Row 25 for $130 apiece!

If you’re interested in the average price of the other home games, you might want to keep these numbers in mind:

So why TicketiQ, you ask? TicketiQ offers the lowest price on the secondary market and they’re willing to back it up. Tickets with a “Low Price Guarantee” are the cheapest on the secondary market, or they’ll beat the difference by 200%. Check out their deals today.

In case you were wondering, the team from New England that lost the big game in February lead the way with the highest average ticket price this season. Our friends at TicketiQ broke it down on their blog, so check it out.

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