A pretty straight-forward press conference today. Doug did not seem that annoyed with Carson Wentz questions, which were asked but were not nearly as numerous as they were on Sunday.

The biggest takeaway was Pederson explaining that he’ll know “privately” by Friday whether or not Wentz is good to go for week one. More specifically, he’ll know which quarterback he needs to begin preparing for the Falcons, if he doesn’t already know by now (which I’m sure he does).

We, however, will not be privy to that information until next week, unless Doug decides to share it with us.

That said, here are the notes from today’s presser as the Eagles get set to host the Jets in Thursday night’s utterly meaningless preseason finale:

  • looking specifically at young wide receivers and Josh Adams on Thursday, wants to “get him involved in this game a little bit early,” wants to see these guys one last time in this type of environment
  • “pretty good feel” for who gets through waiver wires and who doesn’t, just kind of hoping and praying that some guys make it through and you can bring them back to the practice squad
  • Alshon Jeffery has not practiced yet, but is “doing well in his rehab,” taking about 75 throws a day and will continue to be monitored
  • Jay Ajayi is “doing well,” needs rest and has a lower body injury
  • would like to see execution from Joe Callahan and Christian Hackenberg, wants to see them process instructions and handle and manage the game
  • reps for Carson Wentz were not increased this week, “they were identical”
  • Wentz has shown good lower body strength as he progresses through rehab, “physically he’s probably stronger” than the other quarterbacks on the roster
  • Pederson will know Friday who his week one starting quarterback is. We will not know until possibly 90 minutes before the Falcons game.
  • Mack Hollins also has a lower body injury and requires rest, expected back for start of regular season
  • Cameron Johnston has improved, getting stronger and showing better get off times and hang times, another good opportunity Thursday night, also experimenting with some different kicks, moving around (sounds like he was describing rugby-style punts)
  • not sure if Nate Sudfeld will get reps on Thursday, “leaning towards it but we’re not 100% yet”

Here’s the video. I don’t know what Les Bowen is talking about RE: Chip Kelly in the beginning because the audio picks up a little late. Something about getting to ask the first question: