Ertz Family Foundation Helps Kensington Football Replace Stolen Equipment

Philly Voice did a story a few weeks back documenting the theft of football equipment from Kensington High School totaling a few thousand dollars.

We shared the story on Crossing Broad and other outlets did the same, which saw the Tigers meet and surpass their fundraising goal by more than $10,000.

Voice later updated their story to explain that Rep. Bob Brady also got involved:

(Update 8/9/18: The team has reached its fundraising goal and pushed a new goal to $5,500. U.S. Representative Bob Brady also contacted Young on Wednesday and pledged $8,000 to help the team recoup its losses.)

Also getting involved is Zach Ertz and the Philadelphia Eagles, who put 10 grand towards the effort to get the team back on track:

Dave Zangaro has some more details at NBC Sports Philly:

According to the Eagles, the donations included 45 game jerseys, 47 pairs of Eagles practice pants, 60 pairs of socks, 15 footballs, a 2-man sled, tackle tube, linemen chutes, two Gatorade coolers and product and, of course, a new storage unit with a lock to hold all of it.

There’s a story on the Ertz Family Foundation website dated August 13th, so it looks like they made their donation more than two weeks ago, right before the start of the season. I also don’t know if the $10,000 was part of the fundraiser or added to the total pot, but it really doesn’t matter, because it’s a fantastic gesture by the Ertz family, the Eagles, and everybody who donated to a good cause.



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  3. What a shame. Those kids have to live in that craphole Kensington and some junkies steal their gear. It’s always been white trash Kenzo and now it’s junkies, Ricans and Dominican beaners

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