Geoff Mosher is Leaving 97.5 the Fanatic

He had been with the station since 2015.

A handful of Tweets from him this morning:

More after the jump:

I wonder what he ends up doing. Geoff covered the Eagles for years at the Delaware News Journal, ended up at CSN Philly, and left the station a few years back, right before all of the cuts and programming changes started happening. Maybe he got out at the right time.

Either way, I thought he did a pretty good job in Bala, covering almost every shift over there. He was most frequently paired with Devon Givens on weekday nights, though he filled holes in the schedule alongside Eytan Shander and others.

Geoff didn’t have years of radio experience when he joined the station, but I appreciated the fact that he knew football, and could explain the difference between cover 2 and cover 3. He actually knew what an RPO was, which I don’t think is the case for most Philadelphia radio hosts.

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16 Responses

  1. He was one of the better hosts at the station. Really leaves the cupboard bare over there when it comes to discussing football. He also was well versed when it came to talking about 6ixers.

  2. Caplan and Mosher are doing a something with Barchard and Entercom. Inside the Birds Podcast. Guess your sources aren’t as good as mine Kinkaid…

    1. It’s like going to a restaurant and there is always someone who ruins the dining experience for everyone else.

  3. another fast-tracked member of the “tribe”

    whiny voice – no problem!
    ugly as sin – you can be our next radio host!
    bad temperment – your going places kid!

    1. You have to be joking Shander you are all 3 of those things in spades. You are just horribly unlikable but keep doing every shift at a sinking station maybe they’ll eventually let you clean the toilets in Bristol.

    2. Good luck , friend. Good luck , friend. Eytan here. I”ll repeat myself three times, maybe say it a different way, but…Friend, good luck to you. I”ll say the same thing in a different way two more times, but we won’t ever get to a caller. Friend, good luck. I know I may be beating this horse real dead by saying everything slightly differently, but who can really blame me? No caller yet. Luck to you, and be it good, friend. And just when you think we’re going to the phones I’ll say good luck to my friend, even though I may have said this already, but it’s worth repeating that we haven’t had a single caller disagree with me because we haven’t had a single caller period. So I say “good luck” to my friend Geoff.

  4. DJ Brace. Yes that Brace on Saturday 7-Midnight on the new Real 106.1 FM. From Pitchers Pub to radio DJ.

  5. Not sure if Geoff was the ONLY host at 97.5 who actually knew what an “RPO” was, but HE definitely did. I listened to him explain it one night, as well as articulate the difference between it and the “Read Option” (yes, they ARE 2 different things). So yes, Geoff DOES know football, and he WILL be missed by 97.5 Fanatic listeners.

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