Weird story:

Some Union fans at the Big Soccer forum dug up a phone call from a guy named “Danny” who dialed Mike Missanelli last week claiming to be a Philadelphia Union employee who doesn’t even like soccer. “Danny in Allentown” apparently “can’t stand” the sport and had the genius idea of announcing that to the Delaware Valley:

Here’s the audio:


Danny in Allentown: “First I wanna say – it’s kind of funny – I work for the Philadelphia Union soccer team. I do PR and marketing for them and I can’t stand soccer. I have your show on all the time and I watch it in my office. Hopefully nobody at work hears this, but -”

Mike Missanelli: “Dude what is wrong with you? You’re committing career suicide here.”

Danny in Allentown: “Nah nah, (inaudible) we’ve got a cool company culture. Anyway, I just wanna talk a little bit about the Eagles secondary, um..”

I asked around and apparently this guy doesn’t work for the Union.

The public relations staff is comprised of two people and the only “Dan” that works in marketing is a Wilmington-based guy who does post-production video work. Plus, if the team offices are in Chester, what are you doing in Allentown? Surely you’re not commuting to Delco from the Lehigh Valley. That’s 65 miles each way. I thought this guy might be somebody who works for Bethlehem Steel, the minor league team, but nobody listed on the Steel website’s “front office” tab is named Dan or Danny.

So apparently this guy is a fake and was trying to achieve… what? I don’t know.

Anyway, the Union are sizzling right now – three straight wins to reach the U.S. Open Cup final and pull into a wildcard playoff spot.

Edit: Union public relations texted to confirm that “Danny in Allentown” is not a team employee