JJ Redick went on Barstool’s “Pardon My Take” podcast with Big Cat and PFT Commenter.

They talked about a lot of things, starting with JJ’s time with the Clippers, which he says was derailed due to pettiness and “passive aggressive bullshit.” There was also a lot of good stuff about his time at Duke.

Relevant to Philly, Redick said that he didn’t think the Sixers were going to be as good as they were last year. He says that’s actually making him a bit cautious coming into this season:

“Where do we go from 52 wins? Do we have to win 58 or go to the conference finals?


“We are still, and I really believe this, we’re still tapping into the potential. Because Joel, as good as he is, and Ben, as good as he is, are still going to be so much better. In five years when I’m done playing, those guys are first-team all NBA players… And then you have Dario and Markelle, other young guys that are going to get better.”

Redick says he did not originally see himself staying in Philly for the long-term, but now feels like he could end his career as a Sixer.

As far as the Bryan Colangelo scandal:

“I love B.C., he signed me, he was good to me. I can’t bash him as a professional. His collars were a little oversized, which is the only negative thing I can say about B.C., because that’s my guy.”

When he learned of the Ringer story:

“The season was over. I went to bed super early that night. I woke up, couldn’t sleep at like 11… no actually it was earlier than that, because the story broke at like 9:30, Tommy, our boy, had texted me at like 9:12 and said, ‘yo I just heard this story, don’t think I was keeping this from you, only 4 people at the Ringer knew, there’s gonna be a story about B.C.’ And I read the story and it was crazy. We talk about surreal things in my career, it’s in the top five, for sure. And the next morning when I was explaining to (my wife) Chelsea at like 6:30 in the morning when we were having coffee with our two year old, she got an alert on her phone that said Ben Simmons is dating Kendall Jenner. And I was like, shit, we’re turning into the Clippers 2.0 (laughs).”

“I mean, it’s crazy. I’ve talked to B.C. since then. I take B.C. at his word. I think he was shocked that something like this happened. He didn’t indicate to me anything about his wife, I think he was just sort of incredulous, if that makes sense.”

It’s a good interview.

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