Eagles fans were pretty fired up last week about a teaser clip for tonight’s episode of Hard Knocks that showed Mychal Kendricks expressing his (incorrect) belief that the Browns have more talent than the Eagles. If they didn’t appreciate those comments, then I’m pretty sure that they really won’t like what Kendricks had to say during this week’s episode. The former Eagles linebacker stood in front of his new teammates during a meeting and took some digs at Nick Foles, Zach Ertz, and Halapoulivaati Vaitai:

And here is what he had to say about Foles:

Personally, I don’t particularly care what Kendricks has to say. Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles and Zach Ertz, an elite pass catching tight end, collaborated on several memorable plays that helped the Eagles win the Lombardi Trophy last season, so Kendricks can suck farts. As for his criticism of Vaitai, he wasn’t exactly wrong.

While Kendricks was understandably just trying to pass along some helpful pointers ahead of last week’s meeting between the two teams, his scouting report felt a bit, I don’t know, excessive ahead of a preseason game. At the very least, Kendricks is a smart guy who knows how the media cycle works. There’s no doubt in my mind that he knew his comments would make the show’s production cuts and become a story, so it kind of felt like a dick move on his part.

Whatever. Enjoy Cleveland, pal.