RADIO WARS – Betrayal?

I don’t really know if this qualifies as a “RADIO WARS” post, but I’ll brand it that way just for the hell of it.

Some news from the Bleeding Green camp this afternoon:

Wait, what?

John Barchard explains the split (after the jump):

So BGN Radio is basically being rebranded as “Go Birds” and moving to under the Entercom umbrella. You can still hear Barchard and James Seltzer on 94 WIP Saturdays as well. Jack Fritz and Vince Quinn will also be involved.

I don’t know why Gowton is not part of this. My understanding is that SB Nation had the copyright to “BGN Radio,” which explains the name change, but I was under the assumption that Brandon would just continue with the group in the same role. It might have been an Entercom decision that Barchard and the others had nothing to do with. I guess we’ll get BLG’s side of the story in the near future.

For what it’s worth, I like the show and I listen to the WIP version when I’m in the car on Saturday afternoons. Brandon does good work at the Bleeding Green website and is always pumping out a ton of content on a daily basis. He also had a short stint at Birds 24/7 before Philly Mag made the dumb ass decision to axe the blog.

Time’s yours.


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13 Responses

  1. Which of the 73 guys on this show has the REALLY annoying voice?

    I know its not Barchard…


    1. It’s Barchard for sure. He’s such a hack glad those two are gone hopefully they can do the pod without the worst parts aka Seltzer and Barchard

  2. Brandon Lee Gowton is a trailer trash name. For all I know he is super upper class but it just sounds like a white trashy kind of name.

    Being white trash is pretty much the lowest form of humanity and they are 1000% all Trump supporters and methed up morons.

  3. I don’t know why they ever changed it. As long as you mute Ron, Charles and Levi it’s not a bad show.

  4. Heard a dude on out of town radio today say, ‘Brian Dawkins was the perfect safety. He hit like a linebacker and covered like a corner’ must have never seen him play. says:

    Plus, he did a bukkake film while at Clemson. Fuck this stiff.

  5. Bring BLG into the Crossing Broadcast network and he becomes the top podcaster here. It’s one I’d listen to.

  6. Love Barchard and Seltzer and excited to see what else they can do with the podcast. Losing BLG def hurts but hope they can eventually bring the band back together. In the mean time Go Birds

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