Jose Bautista began the year with the Braves but ended up with the Mets.

His NL East journey may continue in Philadelphia:

Joey Bats is 37 years old now. He’s hitting .199 this season with a .708 OPS and one of those “last 14 games” Rosenthal mentions is the 24-4 win against the Phillies in which he had three hits and 7 RBI.

The rosters expand soon, so they can fit him in, but I dunno. Gotta check with BWanks and ask whether this move would make any sense, because I think Bautista is pretty much cooked at this point, right?

BWanksCB: Hello, yes. Kevin is correct. Bautista is no longer a productive everyday player, and if a trade is agreed upon, he will most certainly not start here. Still, he will cost relatively next to nothing in terms of money or prospects, and he can perhaps, maybe, I guess, provide some pop off the bench late in a game. If you can get beyond his .179 average against LHP this season, he does have a functional .744 OPS against lefties.

Personally, I would have liked to see Matt Klentak add another bullpen piece, which they could actually use, as opposed to a bench bat. This move isn’t going to cure what ails the Phillies, and it is not a game-changer, but screw it. Whatever. Why not?

I’ll leave you with my favorite Bautista moment: