Report: The Phillies Could Bring in This Guy

Photo Credit: Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Jose Bautista began the year with the Braves but ended up with the Mets.

His NL East journey may continue in Philadelphia:

Joey Bats is 37 years old now. He’s hitting .199 this season with a .708 OPS and one of those “last 14 games” Rosenthal mentions is the 24-4 win against the Phillies in which he had three hits and 7 RBI.

The rosters expand soon, so they can fit him in, but I dunno. Gotta check with BWanks and ask whether this move would make any sense, because I think Bautista is pretty much cooked at this point, right?

BWanksCB: Hello, yes. Kevin is correct. Bautista is no longer a productive everyday player, and if a trade is agreed upon, he will most certainly not start here. Still, he will cost relatively next to nothing in terms of money or prospects, and he can perhaps, maybe, I guess, provide some pop off the bench late in a game. If you can get beyond his .179 average against LHP this season, he does have a functional .744 OPS against lefties.

Personally, I would have liked to see Matt Klentak add another bullpen piece, which they could actually use, as opposed to a bench bat. This move isn’t going to cure what ails the Phillies, and it is not a game-changer, but screw it. Whatever. Why not?

I’ll leave you with my favorite Bautista moment:



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    1. the video above’s only redeeming quality to any philly fan is cole hamels wanting no parts of that fight.

  1. why the Phillies won’t make the playoffs. I love the Phillies but it’s not their year. Way too many mistakes from Gabe and management.

  2. Could have gotten Cole Hamels for a bag of baseballs but that drunk Phils gm said no

  3. Until last weekend vs the Mets, the Phillies had largely overachieved. Reality has set in now. They’re simply not good enough nor deep enough and adding a 37 year old has been is not going to change my mind.

  4. Still don’t understand why they didn’t put in a claim for Daniel Murphy last week, who BTW has 2 HR, 5 RBI and 5 R in 5 games with the Cubs…

  5. Phillies right now; “we can’t score or play defense so sure, why not, let’s throw anything we can out there and see if we can back into a one game playoff”. Each veteran they add is older than the previous one. What’s next? Charlie M. comes back as a bench coach? At least we have the offseason to look forward to.

  6. I believe they have added two new relievers since the trade deadline and neither has done dog d*ck. Maybe there just aren’t any more good ones out there …signing Santana forcing Hoskins into left field and not trading for another legit starter like Hamels or Happ are the two biggest mistakes so far this year …

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