Scumbag Phillies Fan Gives Foul Ball to Young Girl

via Twitter

Remember how Eagles fans threw snowballs at Santa that one time? And remember how we’re all raging assholes, spewing vulgarities and acting like boorish slobs while fighting each other at tailgates?

More appalling behavior was on display last night when this Phillies fan pulled off a clever wheelbarrow move to snag a foul ball, then gave it to a young Red Sox fan in the stands:

It made the SportsCenter top ten:

Seriously, get this guy a beer. Maybe a Philadelphia Eagles limited edition Bud Light Super Bowl can.

We’re the worst.


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10 Responses

  1. Ah yes…the Santa incident comes out again. That was 50+ yrs ago !
    The Eagles sell out EVERY home game (for decades btw) also Eagles fans travel better then any team in the league (ask the Vikings who owned their stadium for the NFC Championship San Diego)..Bandwagan fans! No, but with success Bandwagan fans will energe.
    Best fans in football.

  2. I know that dude personally, and he really is a scumbag. He’s been pulling these antics for well over a decade. Time to put your big boy pants on and grow up S.B.

  3. I know him too. He gets in fist fights in the parking lot. He’s straight trash. Anyone who shows up to work with blackeyes is a real winner.

  4. McCarthy was talking about it for an hour and half so I had to switch to radio to find out what was happening on the field. Tom, it’s called play-by-play not
    describing some guy eating ribs from Bull’s barbecue.

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