Shawn Mendes is Performing Before the Eagles Home Opener

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Yeah, I hadn’t heard of him either.

Apparently this guy is a 19-year-old Canadian pop singer, and he’s the NFL’s choice to perform in Philly ahead of the Eagles’ September 6th season opener against the Falcons.

It’s part of the league’s “2018 NFL Kickoff,” and this Mendes dude will do a gig at Penn’s Landing (Columbus Boulevard and Market Street). A 40-minute pregame broadcast will be simulcasted on NBC and the NFL Network.

As a special treat for Eagle fans, Cris Collinsworth will be doing color commentary for the home opener. Al Michaels is your play-by-play guy and the pair will be joined in the booth by former referee Terry McAulay, who is Sunday Night Football’s new “rules analyst.” Maybe he can tell us what constitutes legal use of the helmet.

Not sure about you, but nothing gets me pumped for football like this guy:

It would be a real shame if Mendes had to cancel, forcing the NFL to bring in Slayer instead.

Time’s yours.


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  1. Never heard of this loser singer.
    All I know Philly is so lucky to have the eagles and the cuz

  2. What league would you say is in the best position to say “fuck it” when it comes to their opening act and pick up a group like GnR, or Pantera or GWAR or Fucked Up or even fucking Party Cannon… rather than a banal and safe Bieber/John Mayer/NKOTB wannabe?

    1. gotta be the NHL. also, only half of Pantera is alive right now (rip Dime and Vinny)

      1. Oh shit, Vinnie Paul died? How’d I miss that?

        I was thinking NHL too. MLS could pull this off as well.

    2. yeah, i wish the eagles would have one of those old fart kick the season off right.

  3. Thanks for the clarification where Penn’s Landing is.

    I wasn’t sure.

    Is there somewhere nearby where I can get a Real Authentic Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich nearby?

    1. Penn’s Landing goes from Race Street to Christian, Shart

      Columbus and Market is where the guy is actually physically gonna play his tunes

      thank you,

      1. Thanks, brother.

        I am glad you were specific. I didn’t want to end up at Maui watching Love Seed Mama Jump and drinking 10 cent Lagers.

  4. Fuck this. It should be Meek Mill.

    Also, really? Collinsworth? FUCK that turd. I can’t take a whole night of him talking about how Clement didn’t actually catch it.

  5. Clearly you know who I am. “Stiches”, “Treat You Better”. C’mon. Stop trying to be a tough guy, Kinkeid. Who did you want? Meek Mill? Like, ew!

  6. Do you live in a cave? Hell I’m prob twice your age and know who Shawn Mendes is. Hard to miss this kid…he’s everywhere. If he looked like Taylor Swift I’m sure you’d be familiar.

  7. Is that the best league can do to open 2018 season. There has to be dozens of well known acts who would appear for free just for the publicity but no the league brings in an act that appeals to girls who are in middle school. That’s what I call smart marketing. Target an audience that doesn’t watch football games.

    1. So eff you he prolly pounds yer mom’s poon until its quivering like soggy pudding

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