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It’s hard to believe it, but the Eagles’ home opener is only a week away. Why not let TicketiQ get you into this season’s home opener? Thanks to our friends at TicketiQ, the best secondary ticket vendor on the market, and their “Low Price Guarantee”, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best deal. For the first time all summer, tickets have dropped below $300 each.

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Want to get into the home opener against the Falcons? To the map!


The lowest priced tickets for the home opener can be found in Section 216 Row 20 for two seats at $293 apiece. If you’re looking for some options for four seats, you could sit in Section 226 Row 26 for $340 each or Section 228 Row 18 for $350 per seat. Maybe you’re looking to go to the game with a large group. In that case, look no further than the eleven available seats in Section M10 Row 14 for $383 apiece. The lowest price for two lower level seats can be found in Section 112 Row 29 for $378 each.

So why TicketiQ, you ask? TicketiQ offers the lowest price on the secondary market and they’re willing to back it up. Tickets with a “Low Price Guarantee” are the cheapest on the secondary market, or they’ll beat the difference by 200%. Check out their deals today.

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