The Montco Teacher Who Wrestles as a Nazi Won’t Lose His Job

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A bazillion people commented on this story when we wrote about it last month.

Remember the Boyertown guy who teaches in the Spring-Ford School District and moonlights as a wrestler on the side? “Blitzkrieg The German Juggernaut,” aka Kevin Bean, is going to keep his job after administrators did some investigating.

Adam Hermann over at Philly Voice writes that a letter explaining the decision was sent to parents:

“…Dr. David R. Goodin, superintendent of Spring-Ford Area School District, said that based on the investigation the district “found no evidence indicating violation of board policies by Mr. Bean. As such, Mr. Bean will continue to remain a teacher within the District.

The letter included an apology from Bean, 36, who has been employed by the district since 2004:

“The character I portrayed did not reflect my personal feelings or beliefs and I do apologize to those in the community who were offended by such actions. I have spent many years working in the Spring-Ford community and pride myself in providing an exceptional education to my students over the course of 14 years.”

Goodin said the actions demonstrated in the video by Bean — in which Bean waves a flag adorned with the German Iron Cross and uses Nazi salutes, including shouting “Sieg heil” — are not supported or sanctioned by the district. Goodin said the district will work with its staff “so that we may continue to uphold the high standards our community has come to expect.”

Fair enough. The guy apologized. Probably time to create a new persona or drop the wrestling gig entirely.

I suggested last time that it probably wasn’t a good idea for a school teacher to masquerade as a Nazi wrestler on the side. It doesn’t matter if the gig is 100% fake, because it’s not about the gig, it’s about being an educator. When you’re a teacher, you don’t do anything to compromise your standing with your students, their parents, and the community. You don’t get blackout drunk in public, you don’t write politically charged Facebook posts, and you don’t throw the Sieg Heil sign at suburban wrestling shows.

I think that most parents are mature enough these days to know that you’re a human being, just like they are, so hopefully nobody is pissing and moaning when they see the science teacher drinking a couple of Landsharks at the Trappe Tavern. But all it takes is one asshole parent to write a letter to the superintendent, and next thing you know, you’re trying to explain why you wrote that 500-word diatribe against Hillary Clinton on your Instagram account.

Some people can’t wrap their head around that, and think that we’re a bunch of “snowflake pussies” or whatever. But the fact of the matter is that if Bean was a private sector electrician, or administrative assistant, or sports blogger, then this isn’t really an issue, because those three jobs don’t carry the responsibility of educating 5th and 6th grade students on a taxpayer-funded salary. I know the guy is just acting and that he’s not a real Nazi.

But the absurdity here is that you could pick dozens and dozens of different personalities to play. The WWF and ECW came up with dudes like the Honky Tonk Man, the Sandman, and IRS. Pick a character that smashes opponents with a guitar or a Singapore cane or chastises the audience for failing to pay their taxes. Pick literally anything but a Nazi.

Time’s yours.




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  1. Keep the wrestling gig on the side as there is nothing wrong with that itself but time to change the persona. Yeah, it’s not his belief system but just doesn’t look good as a teacher when you costume as such a controversial figure on the weekend.

  2. A large portion of the people who received this letter from the school district will have had no idea this issue even existed, as Not everyone reads sports blogs.
    Anyway, those people who first learned about this matter from this letter will raise a whole new round of outrage.
    This guy doesn’t make it past the first marking period.

  3. Hey Kinky Kinker- if some anti-Obama rants show up from your past you’ll be out the door faster than you can say copywright infringement T-shirts.

    But write the same crap about Trump and you are a hero

  4. Problem is that the kids that watch this type of D level wrestling, don’t know enough to be aware that the Nazis are the bad guys. And their parents probably aren’t educated enough to explain it to them

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