For the first time in a long time, Carson Wentz doesn’t have to answer 500 questions about his knee.

He’s cleared to play and we’ll see him on the field Sunday against Frank Reich and the Indianapolis Colts.

Speaking to the media today, Wentz called the offseason a “grind” and said it was “a long time coming” to receive the news that he’s ready for action. He said he felt frustrated, not at anyone specifically, but just with the situation as a whole and the lengthy timeline for recovery. He didn’t really celebrate personally when he received his clearance, because there “ain’t a whole lot of time for that.”

Some things Carson was asked about today:

On whether he’s anxious or not about taking that first hit:

“I don’t think so. I think the first hit of the season is always a wake up call. Last year it happened in preseason and it’s just always always a good wake up call to remind you that you’re playing a man’s game out there.”

On bringing back Jordan Matthews:

“Obviously with Jordan, I feel good with him. He was a guy who was here last training camp and he’s picking up on things pretty quickly already. We’ll see as the week progresses how he looks and how he fits in, but I feel comfortable with him and everybody else.”

On wearing a brace:

“I feel comfortable with it. We’ll see after this season how I feel with it. But I feel good with it right now. It’s definitely something the doctors recommend, and so I’ve gotten used to it by now and feel really comfortable with it.”

Was this harder mentally or physically?

“It’s both. I mean, physically it’s a grind, with the work outs in the mornings through the offseason, all the way through. And mentally, it gets long, long to rehab. I’d never gone through anything like that. I’ve had injuries here and there but nothing of this extent. It was mentally taxing, for sure, but definitely both.”

On how he was told he was cleared:

“It was a group decision. Over the weekend there was a lot of dialogue between the doctors and coaches and myself. It was finally official on Monday. I think we kind of expected that after the weekend conversations.”

On using his legs when he comes back this weekend:

“I feel very confident. I feel extremely confident moving around on the run, even last year I never said I was a running quarterback and I never want to be, but I’ll find ways to extend time in the pocket and make plays down the field. I don’t think that’s going anywhere.”

Wentz also was very complimentary of Nick Foles, explaining that the team “owes him a lot.” Carson says he’s very close with Foles, a “brother in Christ,” and says the transition back to starting quarterback was not difficult for either player.

Video of the press conference here: 

Carson Wentz 9/19/2018