As I wrote yesterday, America simply cannot get enough of “Gritty,” the new Flyers mascot.

The latest Gritty-themed initiative comes from Broken Goblet brewing up in Bucks County, which is putting together a limited release “Nightmare Fuel” beer that sounds pretty damn good to me.

From their Facebook page:

Cream ale brewed with vanilla and bruised oranges? Mmmm… that sounds good. I think I’ll have that.

And it’s ice hockey, so you get the “bruised” reference, right? Gritty is missing teeth and has a black eye because he just got in a hockey fight…




Anyway, really clever stuff here from Broken Goblet, and something I’d drink.

Not sure if there’s any Penguins or Bruins-themed beer out there, but it’s probably some really overrated and bitter IPA that looks and tastes like shit – a true reflection of Pittsburgh and Boston.