The Eagles put up a disappointing performance last week against Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their first loss since December. Now with Carson Wentz back in the fold, the Birds look to get hot again with the Indianapolis Colts coming to town.

The Eagles are favored at -7, according to Fanduel Sportsbook.

Our predictions are after the jump:

Chris: I expect Wentz to start out a little rusty. The defense will hold their own against Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis offense, who also has some banged up players on that side of the ball. It could be a close one at halftime, but I think Wentz and the offense find their groove in the second half and take care of business. Eagles 27, Colts 10 (Eagles -7).

Jeff: Doug inexplicably plays Ertz at free safety so Carlos Santana can play his natural position of tight end. Santana works 3 walks but strikes out in the Red Zone when it counts. Wentz is pulled for a pinch hitter midway through the second quarter because “we gotta score when we have the chance.” Doug then pieces the rest of the game together with Foles, Sudfeld, Agholor, and Tommy Hunter who has Shelton Gibson wide open down the sideline at one point but overthrows him by several hundred yards and somehow hits the meaty part of a Mets hitter’s bat.

For some reason Jorge Alfaro is holding for kicks and lets 2 snaps go through his legs. Despite all this, the Birds have a chance to win it late but Seranthony Dominguez – who played some shut down corner in the 3rd quarter as a late fill in for an injured (or maybe just slow) Jalen Mills- feels the effects of too much playing time and gets beat deep by TY Hilton as time expires. The Colts “walk off” with a win. Colts 27, Eagles 21 (Colts +7).

Mike: Frank Reich?? Indianapolis Colts?? No F’ing way Frank Reich and his Colts trot in here and spoil Carson’s debut leaving us in panic with a 1-2 record while basically spiking the ball in the face of the World Champion Eagles. It’s just not going to happen. The 1st half will be disgusting and the Eagles may trail for a good part of it, but Carson will find his footing in the 2nd half and the Birds will officially be back. Eagles 27, Colts 17 (Eagles -7).

Tim: Carson Wentz is back. What else do you need to know? Eagles 24, Colts 20 (Colts +7).

Coggin: CARSON WENTZ passes to CARSON WENTZ for his third touchdown of the day. Great blocking up front by CARSON WENTZ to give CARSON WENTZ enough time to make that throw to CARSON WENTZ. CARSON WENTZ is back baby. Eagles 31, Colts 17 (Eagles -7).

Phil: Last year’s Eagles team would have won this game by 30 points. But as we have seen, it’s not really last year’s team any more. The secondary is markedly worse and the wide receiving corps has been a disaster. The addition of Jordan Matthews should help. But until I see the Eagles really and truly beat a team this season, I can’t lay almost a touchdown, even to the Colts.

The Eagles will win the game, but this is going to be another disjointed performance that makes you wonder whether last year’s champions can actually get this thing back in line for another deep playoff run. Eagles 27, Colts 23 (Colts +7).

Anthony: I knew the Eagles offense wasn’t as good as last year, but I didn’t think it would scuffle this much. Carson Wentz coming back will improve it certainly, but what weapons does he really have this week? Zach Ertz and who? The struggles will continue and there’ll be a lot of Jake Elliott this week. That’s OK though, because the defense has a chip on its shoulder after messing the bed last Sunday. They’re great at home.

The Colts aren’t as bad as you think, and Frank Reich has a more intimate knowledge of the Eagles than most opposing coaches, but The Colts won’t be able to put up enough points to really give the Eagles a scare. Eagles 26, Colts 13 (Eagles -7).

Bob: This is going to be an ugly game and everyone will be miserable on Monday morning. The Eagles survive with Wentz and the skeleton crew, but only because Indy stinks and can’t be trusted to go on the road and win back-to-back games. Eagles 20, Colts 19 (Colts +7).

Russ: Indy is better than people think. Sure, TY Hilton is no Julio Jones or Mike Evans, but this secondary hasn’t done enough for me to believe in them. The linebacking corps might be susceptible to screens and slants, but we shall see. Carson will lead the Eagles down the field trailing 23-21 and set up a Jake Elliot FG to win. Eagles 24, Colts 23 (Colts +7).

Kevin: The defense puts last week’s aberration on the shelf while the offense again struggles out of the gates. Fletcher Cox and company keep the Birds within arm’s reach until Carson Wentz finds his feet in the second half, and your Philadelphia Eagles claim a victory. Eagles 24, Colts 17 (Push).

Kyle: ???