Carson Wentz returned to the Eagles last week against the Colts and helped lead them to a sloppy 20-16 win over Indy. This week, the Birds are back on the road and take on former future Eagle Marcus Mariota and the Tennessee Titans in Nashville.

The Eagles are favored at -3.5, according to Fanduel Sportsbook.

Our predictions are after the jump:

Chris: Outside of the first drive, Wentz was indeed rusty. But the offense was horrible. Who knows if Alshon can get better for Sunday’s game, but the offense will certainly get a big boost if he can go. I’m not sure how healthy Ajayi will be for the rest of the year and the defense might have some difficulties without McLeod. That being said, I think Tennessee is a meh team but will fight it out with the Birds for a second straight week in a low-scoring game. Eagles 17, Titans 13 (Eagles -3.5).

Jeff: With all the injuries on offense I just don’t see Tennessee scoring more than 13-17 points on this Eagles D. With Alshon back and Carson a bit less rusty, I think the Eagles move the ball….they won’t put up a ton of points but they won’t have to. Eagles 20, Titans 12 (Eagles -3.5).

Mike: Let’s face it, the Eagles offense has looked average at best. The good news is that Wentz knocked some rust off last week and is getting Alshon & Jay back so I think we will see significant improvement. But even if the offense still sputters, we will be ok as our D is going to be too much for Tennessee to handle.

The Titans were already limited in what they can do offensively because of a tumultuous quarterback situation, and now they face the NFL’s leading run defense. Not to mention the fact that the Titans are bound to pay for their passing limitations at some point. Eagles finally get in a groove. Eagles 30, Titans 17 (Eagles -3.5).

Tim: The Titans have knocked off the Texans and the Jaguars in successive weeks, but I don’t think they have the offensive weapons to keep up with the Eagles. It’s always tough to win on the road, but the Eagles get it done. Carson Wentz finds Zach Ertz for 2 TDs, and the Eagles pull away in the 4th quarter. Eagles 27, Titans 17 (Eagles -3.5).

Coggin: I haven’t gotten a single one of these predictions right against the spread, so maybe don’t listen to what old Coggin has to say when it comes to gambling….UNTIL THIS WEEKEND, BABY. BET THE HOUSE, BET THE MORTGAGE. EAGLES ROLL THE TITANS TRASH QUARTERBACK MARCUS MARIOTA BY 10. COX HAS THREE SACKS. Eagles 24, Titans 14 (Eagles -3.5).

Phil: I saw enough from Carson Wentz and the Eagles’ offense against Indianapolis last week to believe that they have a big day in them. Tennessee’s defense is solid, but this feels like a game where the Eagles’ defense will force a turnover or two from the Titans’ quarterback (if it’s Marcus Mariota, all the better). Short fields will turn into Eagles’ points, and a late 10-point lead will feel really safe because the Titans just don’t score too often. Eagles 26, Titans 16 (Eagles -3.5).

Anthony: An optimist will say the Eagles are so good, that they haven’t played anywhere close to their ability and they’re still 2-1. A pessimist would say the eagles are two plays (and maybe a fortunate penalty call) away from being 0-3 and the city being set ablaze. As is often the case, I’m neither an optimist or a pessimist. But a realist.

The Eagles have underperformed and get a surprisingly stingy Tennessee defense on Sunday. But Marcus Mariota can’t feel the football, so how the hell is he going to throw it? The Eagles defense is usually shoddy on the road and the loss of Rodney McLeod doesn’t help, but this Tennessee offense is putrid. The Eagles defense could sleep walk (and they will) to keeping the Titans total low. The offense meanwhile will still struggle a little, but, they’ll score enough as Carson Wentz still fine tunes his game to get back to MVP-caliber. You might sweat a little, but you’ll do it unnecessarily. Eagles 24, Titans 16 (Eagles -3.5).

Bob: There seems to be a sense around here that the Eagles offense will begin to fire on all cylinders with the return of Alshon Jeffery and Jay Ajayi this week. I don’t see it. Expect Tennessee’s underrated front seven to cause issues, much the way Indy did last week. Ultimately, they will make enough plays to outscore a very mediocre Titans offensive attack, but I think it’s another Sunday with tense moments late. Eagles 23, Titans 19 (Eagles -3.5).

Russ: I thought about this match-up all day. I think Vrabel is a good coach and I’d expect the Titans to put up a pretty solid effort. Dion Lewis could present a mismatch to an Eagles reeling defense following the news of Rodney McLeod’s injury. Wentz throws for 2 TDs (Ertz & Clement) and 2 INT (one force to Alshon). Eagles 24, Titans 17 (Eagles -3.5).

Kevin: Another sloppy and boring and low-scoring game. Tennessee’s defense is pretty good, the first 3-4 team the Birds will face this season. Their offense is whatever. No Delanie Walker and no Rishard Matthews limits them in the passing game, but they don’t really throw the ball anyway. They have the 2nd fewest passing attempts and 2nd most rushing attempts in the NFL this season. That plays into the Eagles’ defensive strengths. THEREFORE – the Birds’ defense once again limits the opponent while a less-than-100% offense does enough to get it done on the road. Eagles 17, Titans 14 (Titans +3.5).

Kyle: The Titans stink. They are the most uninspiring team in football. While their defense has been good so far, their offense has yet to become what we expected it to become a few years ago. Meanwhile, the Eagles have been playing under their fighting weight since they put up 41 points on the Patriots in the Super Bowl. They won the Super Bowl. They might win it again. Carson is back and the offense will make steady progress this week and destroy the Titans. Eagles 28, Titans 12 (Eagles -3.5).