Congratulations, Doug Pederson, you just won your season opener.

As a reward, you get to speak with the media for the second time in 12 hours.

Nah, I kid.

Here’s what Doug had to say Friday:

  • defense was well conditioned and did a good job throughout the game of dealing with the heat and high snap counts
  • no injury for Jason Peters, just a “little fatigue at the end of the game, so we kept him out”
  • on DeAndre Carter vs. Shelton Gibson: not a matchup thing, but Carter is more of an inside guy and Gibson is an outside guy, made sense scheme wise to use Carter more with Nelson Agholor moving to the outside for a chunk of snaps last night
  • Doug highlighted the linebacking corps, specifically Kamu Grugier-Hill and Nate Gerry, as solid performers on the evening
  • Jay Ajayi not playing a lot in the first half was a “feel,” wanted to make sure he was good and get him in the flow of the game (seems like the ankle was a bigger deal than originally thought)
  • som bozo asked Pederson to explain the difference between Philly Philly and the Philly Special, which was a dumb question because the difference was explained last night and can be clearly understood if you watch 15 fucking seconds of film

Ugh, again, the difference between the two plays is that in the Super Bowl, the ball was snapped directly to Corey Clement while Nick Foles faked a pre-snap audible and walked up to the line.

In last night’s game, Foles took the snap and handed the ball off for a reverse before beginning his route.

Got it? Good.

Anyway, carry on:

  • have to be careful giving Corey Clement too many touches because he’s also a special teams player, same with Sproles who is sprinkled in on third downs and some “special situations,” Ajayi is more of the “work horse,” according to Pederson
  • Sidney Jones “did some nice things,” missed a toss sweep but “settled in” a bit later, read some receiver screens that were thrown at him
  • as far as calling gadget plays, Pederson said it’s a mix between calling the most effective play for the situation but also trying to generate some buzz and energize the crowd and gain momentum all at the same time
  • Jason Kelce is fine, had a “lower body in the game” and was evaluated at half time, came to Doug and said he was good to go
  • the penalties “were warranted” last night, but Pederson says the penalties on the punt (offsetting) were confusing and would be sent to the league for review
  • Dallas Goedert did “okay,” would probably like to have the interception play back

Here’s the video: