Are you the most Philly person out there? Do you carry your lunch pail to the Broad Street line while wearing your Donovan McNabb jersey?

This is for you, then, a casting call that puts all others to shame.

Via press release:

House Casting is seeking participants in the Philadelphia area for a ‘Focus on Food’ focus group.

Seeking participants aged 21-40, of all ethnicities and backgrounds, who have strong Philly pride and/or who have a love and appreciation for a good Philly Cheesesteak.

Pay: The chosen participants will be paid $600+ for their participation

Date: The focus group will take place on either September 17th or September 18th in Philadelphia. Must have full day availability.

If interested, please email JULIET@NEFJONESCASTING.COM with the following information ASAP:

Name and contact #

A few candid photos (no sunglasses, must clearly see your face)

Occupation and where you are located

Quick 2-3 min selfie video answering the prompts below:

-Name, occupation and location

-How does Philly pride differ from other city pride?

-First thing that comes to mind when thinking about the Eagles?

-Let’s talk cheesesteak for a second: Who makes the best cheesesteak in all of Philly?

-What is on your perfect Philly Cheesesteak? Ingredients wise?

-What do you say to people who think the Philly cheesesteak is overrated?

-If you were dating someone, and they asked you to choose between them and the Philly cheesesteak…how would you react?”

Yes, this is real.

Russ will probably sign up for it. He’s probably working on his 2-3 minute selfie video as we speak.