The reverend Jesse Jackson has firmly planted himself in the Jason Whitlock and Skip Bayless category.

It’s a category of people who just throw shit at the wall and/or say things that simply make no sense whatsoever.

Jackson’s latest head-scratcher of a comment comes to us via TMZ Sports, who caught up with him outside of Washington:

Jackson’s quote:

“It’s interesting that when Tim Tebow took a knee, it was accepted. Kaepernick takes a knee and he’s rejected. Both of them took a knee in protest of what they believed in. One was religion. One was for justice. Okay.”

Hmm, well, I don’t think Tebow’s kneeling WAS accepted. He took a LOT of shit from non-religious people for the kneeling and praying. He was widely mocked for his deep Christian faith and he was not “protesting” anything.

Plus, he didn’t even do it during the national anthem. He did not kneel and pray during the anthem. He’d do it after touchdowns and on the sidelines sometimes, which became a meme for a little while (Tebowing) and resulted in the baking of Tim Tebow-shaped pretzels.

On the other hand, Kaepernick is a black man who demonstrates during the anthem to raise awareness for what he believes are social injustices in the United States. This has been misconstrued by morons who think he’s disrespecting the American flag. As a reminder, for the 500th time, the protest began with Kaepernick sitting on the bench and then changed to kneeling AFTER HE TALKED TO A FORMER GREEN BERET AND DECIDED TO ALTER HIS COURSE OF ACTION OUT OF RESPECT TO THE MILITARY.

Of course Kaepernick didn’t exactly help his cause by wearing pig socks to practice and donning a Fidel Castro shirt, but who’s really keeping track of those peripheral details?

So I don’t know what Jackson is talking about, because Kaepernick and Tebow’s situations are two totally different things.