The Sixers will introduce Elton Brand as their new general manager at 11 this morning. Media day is Friday and training camp begins on Saturday.

Add to that some unexpected Markelle Fultz footage this morning via a Players’ Tribune interview with Denver Nugget Isaiah Thomas.

Fultz talks about his jump shot, his rookie season, and expectations for 2018. Here’s the Twitter clip the Tribune shared:

The form looks good, I guess. I’m not a shot expert. It feels like he’s still “shot-putting the ball” a little bit, but if it goes in, it goes in. Reggie Miller had a funky form and scored something like 25,000 points. Marco Belinelli was more accurate when leaning sideways, so whatever works, works.

Fultz reiterates that he really was dealing with a shoulder injury last year and that criticism from fans and media didn’t really get to him.

The full clip is 17 minutes long and you can watch it after the jump: