NBC Sports Philadelphia is Partnering with 4th and Jawn

A step up for EROCK and his crew.

From the NBCSP website:

NBC Sports Philadelphia today announced a newly formed partnership with Eric Emanuele and Gayle Saunders to bring the popular “4th and Jawn” podcast under the network’s umbrella. As part of the partnership, Emanuele and Saunders will continue to produce the content starting September 20, which will live as part of NBC Sports Philadelphia’s podcast offerings on NBCSportsPhiladelphia.com.

“We are thrilled to welcome Eric and Gayle and their fans to the NBC Sports Philadelphia family,” said NBC Sports Philadelphia President Brian Monihan.  “By adding the ‘4th and Jawn’ podcast to our robust lineup of Eagles programs, it continues our mission of providing authentic voices and content to the Philadelphia sports community.”

“Gayle and I started our podcast to break the mold of how teams are covered in the NFL – not from the press box, but from the stands,” said Emanuele.  “Our mission continues to be – bringing people as close to their team as we know they want to be, and now combined with the NBC Sports Philadelphia brand– to have a bigger platform to share our perspective.”

4th and Jawn is also going to appear on NBCSP broadcasts as well, per 4th and Jawn:

The NBCSP podcast network currently includes:

  • Eagle Eye (Derrick Gunn/Eagles)
  • Roob Knows (Reuben Frank on the Eagles)
  • At the Yard with Jim Salisbury (Phils)
  • Krukcast (Phils)
  • Zoo’s Views (Sixers/Marc Zumoff)


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11 Responses

    1. This is the last straw for Sean Brace. I guess it’s back to DJing weddings and graduations parties for him.

      1. What has Brace been up to, haven’t heard anything about him in the last year.

  1. Is that some term that the clown on the Slants show on TV came up with like “Period Point Blank”, “Long Story Short”

  2. Could of been crossing broadcast if Kyle actually cared…

    oh and word on the streets is the money is running dry from the Crossing Broad investors, and Kevin only signed on if he would be paid no matter what happened (even if this means Kyle has to go back to the cubicle world, hence the reason we see zero from Kyle anymore)

  3. anyone who actually reads this has a 75% greater chance of crashing there car into a guardrail than anyone else.

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