NBC Sports Philadelphia Launches New Streaming Service for Displaced Fans

Press release:

Stamford, Conn. – September 27, 2018 – NBC Sports Regional Networks today announced the launch of its direct-to-consumer product targeted to displaced Philadelphia sports fans, NBC Sports Gold’s “Philly Pass.” This new streaming product allows fans residing outside the NBC Sports Philadelphia territory to access NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Eagles, Phillies and Sixers pre- and postgame programs; the network’s weekday sports program “Philly Sports Talk;” the Eagles-centric “Quick Slants;” plus additional team-focused programs, including the 2018 Eagles Championship Parade and “World Champions: The Story of the ’08 Phillies” documentary.

“Philly Pass” is available for purchase beginning today for $29.99 for the year, or $3.99 per month. Fans can visit www.nbcsports.com/gold/phillypass to purchase the product and confirm if the pass is available in their area.

“Philadelphia sports fans are some of the most passionate in the country. We are pleased to offer displaced Philly fans the ability to watch our popular sports programs, and give them the insight and coverage of their home teams from the voices of NBC Sports Philadelphia,” said David Preschlack, President, NBC Sports Regional Networks & Platform and Content Strategy.

This is NBC Sports Regional Network’s second foray into direct to consumer offerings, as “Blazers Pass” launched in November 2017. “Philly Pass” is part of NBC Sports Gold’s suite of direct-to-consumer live streaming products to desktop, mobile, tablets and connected TV devices.

NBC Sports Gold is available on Apple iOS, Android, Apple TV V4, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast and online at NBCSportsGold.comNBC Sports Gold is powered by Playmaker Media, NBC Sports Digital’s technology service which provides end-to-end support for companies in need of best-in-class live streaming and VOD solutions.


No, seriously, I’m interested in your thoughts. Obviously they can’t stream the games out of market, but you can get the rest of their programming through this service.

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24 Responses

  1. Don’t think many people are going to be interested in paying for any of their non-game content. Way too many other choices that are better, and in many cases free. Pass.

  2. I live in LA now and would consider this if it had eagles post game, but otherwise not enough to pull me in as I’m already paying to stream sunday ticket and have to use various other methods if game is on local TV out here.

    1. I 1000 % agree, epecially when Reddit MLB/NBA/NFL/NHL streams are a legitimate thing. God bless those magnificent people that provide those links (Which btw stream in fully fcking HD now with very little hickups!)

  3. I’ve been a Sixers fan since the early 80s, but live in CT. I would pay whatever it takes if I could get this WITH the games, but without them, I don’t see a huge need. I have League Pass for games

  4. I don’t have League Pass or Sunday Ticket (go to an Eagles/Sixers bar where I live in North Carolina), so $30 a year ($2.50 a month) works for me! Probably won’t get it until after Halloween, but worse-case if it sucks come November 2019, I’ve wasted $30 on way worse things.

    1. Don’t you miss NFL HoFer Ray D and his voluminous notes on yellow paper? What about “Quick Slants” with Wisconsin’s finest DGunn? Michael Barkann’s glasses?

  5. Can people from out of market stream Nbc Sports app? I use that app a lot when I’m out and about. Or my wife puts on some bad show when I want to watch Thursday Night Football.

  6. This is a must have for out of market philly fan. I just wish they would add it to the DirecTV sports package that carries all the other big market sports channels.

  7. So basically I can watch the same show on replay a hundred times for $30/year? If they at least threw in the Flyers, I’d be interested.

  8. My buddy lets me use his philly market xfinity cable credentials. It doesn’t work to stream Phillies games (yawn) but last year I streamed every Sixers game from north jersey. It also gets me pre and post game all around.

    As others have mentioned, nflstreams on reddit for Eagles games is a godsend.

  9. Since moving from Philly to the Myrtle Beach, SC area, the last 5 months, I need your help in getting NBC Sports PHILADELPHIA here. Can you assist? I know, due to the ‘virus’ things are at a halt, but when they bounce back, can I subscribe to this, for the annual $30 and get the Eagles, Sixers, Phillies games NOT just the pre and post game programs BUT the entire games as well? Thanks, Mike

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