NBC Sports Philly Hires Serena Winters as Molly Sullivan’s Replacement

serena winters

Press release:


Winters Joins the Award-Winning Broadcast Team of Marc Zumoff and Alaa Abdelnaby

Philadelphia, PA (SEPTEMBER 20, 2018) – NBC Sports Philadelphia – home of the Authentic Fan – announced today that Serena Winters is joining the network as a multiplatform Sixers reporter. Winters will work with veteran broadcasters Marc Zumoff and Alaa Abdelnaby on all Sixers telecasts, and create coverage surrounding the team across all platforms.

Winters joins from NBC Sports Northwest, where she served as host of ‘The Bridge,’ a daily primetime sports TV show, and contributed to the coverage of the Portland Trail Blazers. Prior to her role with NBC Sports, she was the lead reporter for Lakers Nation, and part of the on-air talent team at Spectrum SportsNet since 2012.

“We are thrilled to welcome Serena to the NBC Sports Philadelphia family,” said NBC Sports Philadelphia VP of Live Events Shawn Oleksiak. “Serena has terrific insight on the NBA from her time covering the Lakers and Trail Blazers, and Sixers fans will find her very informative and engaging.”

“I’ve always dreamed of working sideline for an NBA team, and to do this in the best sports city in the world is an absolute dream come true,” said Winters. “I am honored to join NBC Sports Philadelphia, and to cover the Sixers – one of the most exciting, talented and entertaining teams in NBA.”

For a while people figured that Taryn Hatcher was Molly Sullivan’s replacement on Sixers broadcasts. Nope. NBC actually had plans to fill the role directly. Serena Winters was the choice.

Hit the jump for pics and videos of Serena’s work:

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You can follow Serena on Twitter (@SerenaWinters) and Instagram (@serena_winters), but let’s be honest, probably just Instagram. Back to you, Marc.

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  • So what was the whole point of this September 20, 2018 at 12:23 pm

    They fire one reporter to replace with another. I thought they were eliminating the Molly role on the game broadcasts which I was all in favor of. Now they are bringing it back. I can’t figure this network out. I do like the new girl’s style. She isn’t all serious like Molly was who thought every report should be delivered like a State Of The Union address. It’s just a regular season basketball game. It’s not game 7 of the finals.

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