Anthony Gargano will no longer host the 97.5 morning show. He is not on the air this morning following The Maestro’s reveal that Marc Farzetta would be coming to the station to be on in the mornings. This came as news to virtually everyone at 97.5, including Gargano, his producer, Jamie Lynch, and other top hosts at the station.

This morning, confirmed our deep, probing speculation that Farzetta was joining the station to replace Gargano. We believe that Gargano found out about all of this yesterday, and that the decision to replace him with Farzetta was in the works for some time.

Farzetta curiously didn’t pick up shifts for Angelo Cataldi at WIP when he was on vacation this summer. Many in the industry have non-competes that restrict them from appearing on a competitor’s station for timeframes of 90 days or so. Maybe this was the case with Farzetta and thus explains his quiet disappearing act at WIP.

What’s quite clear, however, is that our war reporting kicked off a series of events that led to Gargano finding out that he was being replaced by Farzetta. Always listen to the sounds of The Maestro’s concertos. MUSIC NOW: