RADIO WARS: Marc Farzetta Is Headed to 97.5 to Join the Morning Show, But His Role Is Not Known


I have received word from on high, in the nether channels, of a migration in the works. Sources inside the sound box industry inform me that Marc Farzetta, who reportedly told his 94 WIP colleagues earlier this year that he was leaving the station to focus on his role at NBC Sports, will be joining 97.5 and work in the mornings, going right up against his mentor, Angelo Cataldi.

Intriguing development on several fronts, to be sure, but one does have to wonder in what role Farzetta will join the show. Sliding from one station to another to be a co-host on a show that continually gets beat in the ratings by your former show would be a lateral move, at best. Anthony Gargano’s show on 97.5 has quite notably struggled in the ratings, so one has to wonder if there is the possibility of Farzetta outright replacing him.

Regardless, Farzetta, who got his start at WIP by winning Cataldi’s inaugural The Intern contest in which he actually beat out… well, me, will now be going directly against Cataldi in some capacity, which should make for a primo battle.

A request for comment to Farzetta was not immediately returned.

I’m sure The Maestro will have more details to relay in the coming days.

But if you listen ever so closely, perhaps you’ll notice the sound of some serious strife. This one has meat. BRAWL:

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29 Responses

  1. Can you blame him from wanting to get away from that joke of a morning show? From his annoying fake laugh, to the endless “give me somebody that’s on our “blah blah blah” list, to the cheesy middle school humor sex jokes, to the co-hosts offering little to no insight, to the ass kissing of the “Great” Ray Didinger, Pop Pop’s shtick has certainly run its course and did so years ago. Now, I am not saying the goon on 97.5 is all that much better, but Pop Pop just needs to retire already.

  2. We are thrilled about Marc joining the Cuz and the Fanatic family. He’s been killing it on Philly Sports Talk and already has great chemistry with Anthony. Bob has hinted to us that he may be taking a job down Florida next year. So we thought this would be the time to add another great talent like Marc. Can’t wait to hear their first show.

  3. Thought wip were grooming farzy to be Angelo’s replacement

  4. Kyle couldn’t beat out Marc Farzetta (a once in a generation talent) and actually wanted to be an intern on the WIP Morning Show…. thats really all you need to know about Kyle and this site. Keep posting the creepy pictures of local/new female reporters, you’re making your family proud. If Villanova was smart, they’d find a way to ban you from claiming you’re a graduate.

    1. a creepy troll with no life who is dedicated to reading and commenting on a website he hates is describing something else as creepy? do you have any self awareness? this is as pathetic as it gets

  5. Not saying Gargano can’t be annoying but I think he legitimately knows how to talk sports….Marky the Laugh Clown doesn’t know shit but how to be a goof. He ruined 700 Level, torched Philly Sports Talk to the ground and gets ANOTHER gig? You cant be serious with this bag of dicks

    1. The only good part about Farzetta being on the radio is you don’t have to look at his stupid rolled up sleeves and loose tie. If 97.5 plans on going from Eytan to Farzetta in the mornings, im out.

  6. I’m not a fan of Farzetta. The term “virginal” always come to mind for some reason. Kind of milquetoast. But The Cuz is super stale. If they had Farzetta with Jaimie Lynch that may be cool? Interesting for sure.

  7. I don’t understand this. They already have enough people doing the show. Eytan, Bob, Jaime. On Thursdays they add Baldy and Vai. Is someone getting replaced and why. Marc doesn’t have close to the knowledge of Bob or Eytan. I wonder who is going out the door. I imagine Ant is really pissed. What is this big attraction for Marc. He is as lame as they come.

  8. It’s obvious: Cuz is OUT. Who knows whether he will ever be heard on 97.5 again thanks to Kyle leaking the news earlier. They have wanted to replace Cuz for over a year now but didn’t have a suitable replacement. Farzetta is going to need a supporting cast. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Tra Thomas become a part of his crew

  9. Easy choice for the Phanatic. AG is overpaid and lazy and was getting crushed in the ratings. He is the Benoit Benjamin of sports radio guys Nobody has dominated like Angelo does in the morning. Better alternative is to poach a potential superstar that learned from Cataldi like Farzy

    1. All these radio guys are the same. The old guys on WIP and FAN were newspaper reporters. Why they’re interesting and not clones of each other.

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