Sometimes you wake up to a horrendous Phillies loss and sometimes you wake up to the Flyers’ fourth line center being named a suspect in a wide-ranging cocaine investigation.

Today we woke up to both of those things, and while the former was expected, the latter was not.

Jori Lehtera is one of 23 subjects police allege played a role in a cocaine distribution ring in Finland’s Tampere region. Seven are currently in custody after arrests were made this summer at Lehtera’s lake cottage, though Lehtera was not there at the time.

The article is not in English, and I have to be honest, my Finnish is a little rusty these days, so here’s what Google Translate gives us:

In police investigations, Lehtera has denied having committed a crime.

The police do not take a stand on the names of the suspects because the pre-trial investigation is under way.

According to the information provided by the program, the police made catches on the cottages of the Lehterän Näsijärvi beach during summer. (Lehtera) was not among the captured at that time.

However, the police have questioned him about cocaine suspected drug offenses.

Summary: no charges have been filed against Lehtera, who is denying involvement.

More from the story:

Those in custody are suspected of aggravated narcotics, professional crime, and money laundering. Among the detainees are a real estate agent and a freelance SM medalist.

The police have seized property, such as gold and jewelery, in the course of the investigation, worth about 650,000 euros.

According to the police, the country of origin of cocaine in Europe is the Netherlands. The material has been sold and sold at a grammage of 120 to 170 euros.

According to the police, cocaine users have been ordinary working people and so-called surface grippers who have more money to use the expensive substance.

The prosecutor decides whether to raise charges against Lehtera or other suspects. If the charges are brought, the courts will be judged in due time.

I was gonna make a few jokes, but others beat me to it:

This one was pretty good:

We’ll see how this thing develops.

Can’t say I know too much about the country of Finland, or their drug trafficking laws, but they make some great heavy metal music. Amorphis, Moonsorrow, Bodom, Sentenced, etc.

Lehtera didn’t do much of anything on the ice last year, a whopping eight point contribution by him, but if he’s down with COB, he’s good in my book: