RIP Wes Hopkins

Pro Bowl safety Wes Hopkins passed away today at the age of 57.

That’s according to former Eagles teammate Garry Cobb:

Hopkins played for the Eagles from 1983 to 1993 and spent his entire professional career in Philadelphia. He was a second round draft pick out of Southern Methodist University, where he earned a spot as a walk-on, and went on to be a staple in the Birds’ defensive backfield, starting 125 of 137 games over ten NFL seasons.

To this day, Hopkins is one of the best to ever play the position for the Eagles. He was dominant and tough and formed one of the hardest-hitting safety pairings in the league alongside Andre Waters. He was a key fixture of those late 1980s and early 1990s Buddy Ryan defenses that also featured Reggie White, Jerome Brown, Eric Allen, and Seth Joyner.

Hopkins had been admitted to an Alabama hospital earlier this month. His cause of death has not been reported, but I imagine he’s probably kicking it with the rest of his former teammates in football heaven right now.

RIP Wes.


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  1. I had this dude’s action figure back in the early 90s.. Only his arms would move in a circular motion… he was constantly stuck in this bizarre catching position… so there wasn’t much “action” just the one. …

    Anyway… RIP

  2. Thank goodness for Sen. Corey Booker and his bravery. Shame on the republicans and Brent Kavanaugh. Times up! Me too! We believe the survivors!

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  6. Every fan base has fan favorites and probably every fan base has players they can point to who would have been Pro Bowlers if they remained healthy. I thought the injury that cost him the ’86 season took him from potential Hall of Fame consideration to “just” a very good hard hitting safety.

    He bounced back strong and was a really good player. Safeties of that era don’t much Hall consideration so it probably would not matter but I have always thought the trajectory he was heading would have been in line with Steve Atwater.

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