The Rams look like the real deal out west, maybe the biggest threat to a repeat Super Bowl appearance for the Eagles.

Head coach Sean McVay is one of the more advanced offensive minds out there. He also has a phenomenal memory, and can apparently remember every play call of his NFL career, dating back to 2014 when he took over as Washington’s offensive coordinator.

Check out the segment he did with Lefkoe and Chris Simms:


Here’s another one for McVay –

Lefkoe: “Week 14, Eagles at Rams, 2:20 in the third quarter, 4th and goal at the Rams’ two yard line. What happens?

McVay: “Hmm.. yeah, Carson Wentz out of the shotgun, torn ACL, throws a touchdown pass to Alshon Jeffery. We lose the game 43 to 35.”

Time’s yours.