Sean McVay’s Memory is Something Else

Photo Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The Rams look like the real deal out west, maybe the biggest threat to a repeat Super Bowl appearance for the Eagles.

Head coach Sean McVay is one of the more advanced offensive minds out there. He also has a phenomenal memory, and can apparently remember every play call of his NFL career, dating back to 2014 when he took over as Washington’s offensive coordinator.

Check out the segment he did with Lefkoe and Chris Simms:


Here’s another one for McVay –

Lefkoe: “Week 14, Eagles at Rams, 2:20 in the third quarter, 4th and goal at the Rams’ two yard line. What happens?

McVay: “Hmm.. yeah, Carson Wentz out of the shotgun, torn ACL, throws a touchdown pass to Alshon Jeffery. We lose the game 43 to 35.”

Time’s yours.


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  1. Anyone catch Pop Pop’s show earlier morning? He actually had Jerry Springer come on his show. Angelo’s annoying fake laugh was in full effect. Also, he added to his daily streak of mentioning his recently born granddaughter. He calls her baby instead of her name. Rhea then said, “Ohh Gawd.” Al weighed in on the hurricane. He said it won’t be that bad. Great radio.

    1. Better than the morons at 97.5 debating whether they’d rather have Foles or Fitzpatrick has the back up QB. Fair question lol.

  2. Jesus, lets not make him out to be A Beautiful Mind or something.

    Lefkoe: Dallas, Texas. November 22nd 1963. 12:29pm. What happens next?

    McVay: Um…the Kennedy assassination?

    Lefkoe: This guy is a genius!

  3. That was not a hard call to remember. Who in Philadelphia couldn’t or wouldn’t remember that. That game was important for positioning of the NFC playoffs. He is young and a good coach. But the LA Rams and Sean MvVay will always be trailing the Eagles. They will have a little mental block when facing Philadelphia and Carson . Reason being that they will never be united team like the Eagles have become and are. Wait and see, time will tell.

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