Snoop Dogg Gets UFC Fighters Mixed Up in Ridiculous Instagram Video

Not sure if y’all were watching UFC 228 the other night, but me and Snoop Doggy Dogg were.

Here’s the back story:

Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley was defending his belt against undefeated challenger Darren Till out of Liverpool, England. The other main challenger for the title is Colby Covington, a former Oregon State wrestler who talks a lot of shit and professes his love for President Donald Trump. He wears a MAGA hat and met Trump at the White House. 

During Saturday night’s fight, Snoop posted an Instagram video ripping into Till, calling for Woodley to “beat his mother fucking ass” while shouting “fuck Donald Trump” over and over again:


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King Kong.

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Right, so the only explanation is that Snoop thought that Darren Till was actually Colby Covington, because nothing in that rant makes sense. Till isn’t even an American and has said nothing about Donald Trump ever, at least not that I know of. He spent more than three years of his life living in Brazil.

I’m 99% sure Snoop had the wrong guy, but the rant is great, so allow me to transcribe part of it for you after the jump:

“Fuck Donald Trump, n****! Beat his ass! For all of the n****** out there cuz. Whoop this mother fucker. Whoop his mother fucking ass. Beat his – beat his mother fucking ass cuhhh. Fuck Donald Trump, n****. Whoop him, cuz. Whoopie. Choke the dog shit out of him. They call this the dart (sic). Tap this n**** out. Tap his bitch ass out, n****.”

Snoop goes on to yell “Wakanda forever” as Till taps out.

I put the (sic) in there because it’s not a “dart” choke, it’s a “d’arce,” which is basically like a choke where the opponent’s arm is in there, too. It’s like an arm triangle.

Anyway, on Sunday, Till posted a message congratulating Woodley while calling Snoop a “fucking bitch.” –


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Shit happens, well done @twooodley. You will all see me very soon! @snoopdogg you’re a fucking bitch, Fuck You!!!

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Till was terrible in the fight, landed something like two strikes. Woodley silenced a lot of doubters and I wish he’d fight like that more often.



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