The Bud Light Eagles Statue is Nick Foles and Doug Pederson Calling the “Philly Special”

via Twitter (@JustinFromSWP)

Looks like the Bud Light statue outside of Lincoln Financial Field does indeed appear to be Doug Pederson and Nick Foles deciding on the “Philly Special” play call during Super Bowl 52.

We did a short post a few minutes ago featuring a picture of the statue with a cover draped over it, but here’s an image of the statue sans veil below:

Looks like Pederson holding a play sheet. The crane is moving crusher Doug into position on the pedestal next to Foles.

Pretty gnarly, yeah? I assume this will only be up for Thursday night before eventually being moved, but I say we replace the Rocky statue at the Art Museum with this masterpiece instead.


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  1. Force those Cowboys and Pat fans to pose in front of this one. All the people that pay homage to the Rocky statue are losers anyway.

  2. Anyone else worried about the disaster that 100% mobile ticketing is gonna be in two days?

  3. I’d like to give a round of applause 👏 to all the chicks in thongs this summer on the margate beach . I haven’t jerked off so much since I was 16 .

  4. Greatest statue ever only because it trolls the heck out of the fake italian, liberal radio personalities and their hatred that Foles is the reason why the Eagles won the Superbowl

  5. Masterpiece indeed. Have you seen the other statues the artist, Raymond Gibby has done as well? They are pretty impressive:

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