The NFL Released a Statement in Response to Nike Using Colin Kaepernick in New Campaign

Unless you’re living under a rock, you heard that Nike is using Colin Kaepernick as the face of the 30th anniversary of the “Just Do It” campaign.

The decision set off a headache-inducing back and forth on social media, with left-leaning folks applauding the choice and right-leaning folks threatening to boycott Nike and/or cutting the “swoosh” logos off of their socks:

That’s from John Rich, one half of the country duo “Big and Rich” who did that “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy” song back in the day.

I’ll spare you the political stuff and get to the irony of the matter, which is the fact that Nike happens to have a partnership with the NFL. A new apparel deal signed in March keeps that partnership alive through 2028, with Nike supplying all 32 teams with game-day uniforms and sideline garb.

That might create a bit of unease between disgustingly rich NFL people and disgustingly rich Nike people, considering that Kaepernick and the league are involved in a lawsuit over whether or not disgustingly rich owners colluded to keep him unemployed.

The league released a statement this afternoon in response to Nike’s decision, and it’s a whole bunch of nothing:

Kaepernick himself has been on the Nike roster dating back to 2011. The company hasn’t used him in recent years for marketing purposes, and he’s obviously not on an NFL squad right now, but this basically just reignites all of the furor over the national anthem stuff, which – believe it or not –  began as a demonstration to highlight racial injustice and social unbalance in America.

Throw in a powerhouse apparel company with a ton of sub-contracted foreign factories, and now we’ve got a global clusterfuck on our hands.


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  1. Does the statement have anything to do with the fact that knee grows are 13% of the U.S. population but commit more than half of all crime ?

    1. Executive Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs????? How much are they paying that buffoon Jocelyn Moore? NFL so full of crap…haven’t watched their brand of BS in 2 years.

    2. JUST SAYIN, stop pointing out that pesky fact. We are not allowed to talk about that.

      1. I think Kaepernick is a jackass but I respect Malcom Jenkins and Chris Long and the way they haven’t made this a divisive issue for the Eagles. If more teams handled this like we did there would have been a lot less discord over this issue.

    3. kapernick = same guy who wore socks that dressed up cops as pigs to an nfl game. guy is a real class act, he wouldnt sacrifice his life for any of you.

      1. also people forget that the reason everyone got on kapernick in the first place was because he SAT not because he knelt. sitting is total disrespect, he gets no respect since he gives none.

      2. How do you know that fat bigot?DOE HE TALK IN HIS SLEE.P? History will not be kind to you. Colin will have statues!

    4. yes, someone should raise awareness, how can 13% of a population commit over half of all crimes??? obviously something fishy is going on, they are humans just like us, seems like maybe some people like to see them caged and perhaps arrest the for simple possesion, something every kid in my highschool did. all white community, so something is alarming when most violent crimes are commited by us “whites” yes if your claim that over half of all crime is commited by blacks, that is alarming, that means they are being targeted then.. sad world we live in when we are illegally imprisoning african americans.

  2. Wouldn’t buy cheap over priced nike shit if you paid me.
    Guess you better burn those Chuck Taylor’s too!

  3. Lol. All these people were okay with buying apparel made by children in sweatshops in Bangladesh or Vietnam, but now they can’t wear Nike because of an ad with Kaepernick. That’s good stuff.

    1. 95% of apparel is made in asia your schmuck.
      That includes your cute little pink panties.

    2. i agree and ill still buy nike shit if i like it and doesn’t cost too much, as i always have. OTOH, Kaep is the guy who said he was going to stand up against oppression, yet he’s been caught wearing a Castro t-shirt then complimented him and is now going to be accepting millions from Nike to be the face of a campaign to sell overpriced apparel to poor kids, made by people who are actually oppressed. It just exposes him even further as the woke pimp that he is.

      I won’t be burning my nike clothes because that is remarkably silly( there are a lot of poor people who could use those clothes), but i will likely be less inclined to choose Nike over other brands in the future since they decided to make a phony like Kaep a face of their brand.

      1. A total marketing ploy for Nike….much of their customer base is under 30 so it’s a play to them and their sense politics. Nike stocks took a predictable hit today but they’ll rebound with future sales. I just think it is hilarious the NFL tweets messages of support for Kaeperdick when they are currently involved in an arbitration fight with him.

        1. Nike stock will rebound just like Dick’s sporting good stock after they banned guns? You are wrong sir.

    3. REAL GOOD STUFF is when the cops decide not to police anymore like in baltimore then guys like krappernick can police their own communities. gots my popcorns ready yo!

  4. When someone wears socks depicting police officers as pigs and praises a communist dictator and you make him the face of your company then yes, you send a terrible message.

    USA 🇺🇸 !!!!!

    1. Maybe you live in a different American when Energeny room accident patients of similar seriousness giv whit two tomes as much pain killers as Blacks. That is where I live jerkead

  5. I’ve bought Nike products in the past and the main reason I won’t buy any more is they’re ridiculously overpriced and fall apart quickly.
    As for the radical kap I’m just amazed at how a below average QB could get so much publicity. You gotta love the liberals. They love and support anyone who hates the country and all it stands for a la Mike miss. Pretty sick people if you ask me. So let Nike support this anti American, cop hating, Castro loving communist. Th good news is when I turn on my tv to watch football, He won’t be a part of it.

  6. Nothing more than an attempt by nike to capitalize(ie. MAKE MONEY) on an issue that’s in the public eye.
    They could care less about why CK did what he did as long as they can make a few bucks off his back.
    They’ probably support gary heidnik if it would make them a few bucks.

  7. Funny that they only protest when the camera is on.

    Don’t recall seeing them protesting when real shootings occurred. Or organizing any kind of march / rally to bring about awareness to their so-called cause during the off-season.

    It’s all for show and just lame virtue signaling.

    1. good point, notice mr tough fist in the air jenkins stays hidden in tunnel now because he doesnt want to lose his most precious possession – his money. meanwhile white guilt LONG is the only one who put his money where his mouth is and donated his entire salary, white guy has to show em how its done once again LOL

    2. Please, tell me you wouldn’t run if you heard a gunshot, as if you white sissy-boy would ever go to a black neighborhood. Do you know black people that THINK you like them. Douche.

  8. Anyone who champions Kaep as some sort of hero or leader is a fucking idiot.

    Remember when he had a crew cut? Then all of a sudden he’s sporting a smelly afro, a dashiki and then turning down his player option to go back to SF as a backup?

    I do…this guy is a fucking fraud, plain & simple.

    1. And your bitch owns you? Where does the hate come from. You’ve probably never met a black person. BOO!

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