The Players Coalition wants the media to change the national anthem narrative.

That’s the gist of a new article published in The Players’ Tribune, titled, “The Fight Continues.” 

Malcolm Jenkins and Anquan Boldin founded the coalition, a group of NFL players that are building on Colin Kaepernick’s demonstration to work for social justice and political reform. Chris Long is another member of the 12 player governing body.

The article is, as the opening paragraph states, written due to a “need to refocus attention back on the systemic issues that plague the lives of millions of Americans, and remind you why we are in this fight.”

From the piece:

….At present, the promise of equality under the law doesn’t exist. Our criminal justice system oppresses and marginalizes black and brown people.

Colin Kaepernick started a movement through protest, taking a knee to put a laser focus on the men and women who have died because of police brutality. His efforts have inspired us to work on behalf of our lost brothers’ memory to try to stop the carnage. He did this at great personal cost to himself. Surely it’s an act of patriotism to forfeit your job to fight for others.

Other players have worked to raise awareness of these issues in different ways, although the media still remains hyper-focused on talking about “the anthem.”

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Our work will continue this season. We hope the media stops asking the same old questions about, “Will they or won’t they protest?” Instead, we want them to focus on our efforts to create a better country for every citizen, and on the reasons why we have not yet met that goal. And we hope that the press, our fans and our skeptics recognize that our desire to draw attention to these pressing issues, either through protest or our off-the-field work, is our own vow of loyalty.

Finally, we want to say one thing as this season starts — something we have said before but which bears repeating. In fighting for the rights of our most vulnerable citizens, we are not fighting against others who sacrifice so much for this country. We respect our police, who do much of their work on behalf of our most needy. Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin’s father served as a police  officer for 35 years. We are grateful for our military. Malcolm Jenkins has 17 family members who have served this nation. Fighting on behalf of those who have no voice does not mean that we disrespect anybody. We envision a better world for all.

There you have it. There’s your reminder.