Saw this on Twitter earlier and lost my shit:

It wasn’t Spike’s tweet, it was Ben Detrick’s response. Detrick is the guy who broke the Bryan Colangelo burner account story, which resulted in the general manager getting the boot in June.

Anyway, regarding RoCo:

He’s “vilified” by anti-Process types who rejoined the Sixers bandwagon last year, which is a direct result of pro-Process types treating Covington like the second coming of Michael Jordan. That’s why fan attitude towards Cov is so wide-ranging and divisive, because Ben Detrick types CREATED IT.

They created it because they were overly-effusive about Covington as a Process-era success story. Covington’s achievements coming out of the Hinkie era would help solidify the opinion that Sam did the right thing by tearing it down and rebuilding. It’s literally the same story that you see with T.J. McConnell, who is loved by Process types but takes a lot of criticism from non-Process types. When you plant the beacon of fandom at the far end of one spectrum, the resulting over-correction comes from the far end of the other spectrum, and that’s what we’re seeing here.

The truth, like most things, is somewhere in the middle.

Covington is an excellent 3 and D wing player, a solid utility knife and glue guy on a team that values defense and three point shooting. The criticism he gets from anti-Process types is generally off-base, as is the bloated praise he gets from pro-Process types. He’s a stable player who has a defined role on this team and I think most neutrals have been able to correctly identify what the guy does well while understanding his justified contract and place on the squad.

But I’m pretty sure Detrick was trying to say that Covington is “exponentially more vilified” because he’s black and Redick is white. If that’s the case, he can fuck off with that take.

And if not, then what were you actually trying to say?